Python like a Spartan

I’m an AI Research Engineer and that involves messing around a little with python. I’ve spent the past 4 years perfecting a disciplined, minimal, but enabling setup. This is a tour of my trusty set of tools, in the hopes that it will help you find the same CLI zen that I’ve been enjoying for a while now. Tmux : towards an Eternal Shell I start my work sessions off by ssh’ing into my remote compute cluster.

Learn Vim the smart way

I’ve been building up my vimrc again because emacs’ tramp mode just wasn’t cutting it when it came to speed for my remote work environments. I’ve been a vim user for around 4 years now and having read some books partially and sampling a lot of blogs and conference recordings over this span, I decided I should commit and formally invest into a definitive resource to get me upto speed and beyond.