Hunt, Feast, Repeat

I partition my days in phases of different mindsets that allow me to cater to my varying epistemological hungers. One of them is a daily ninety minute ideation hunt and feast that helps keep my skills sharp.

The laws of thermodynamics do form a formidable devil that really does mess up your ordered habits if you do not inject in the necessary energy from time to time.1

As a way to sharpen the intellectual axe, I envision myself going on domain hunts to allot myself a new class of game to look forward to during minor breaks from my usual, comparatively conventional endeavors.

Variation in what you eat builds robustness and allows you to not fall prey to the periodic fluctuations in the interest ecosystems of your mind. Failure to do so might result in alternating times of excess and scarceness, thereby limiting your extent of control over your tendencies in the moment.

I’d prefer equanimity over a roller-coaster in the long term: for adrenaline fades fast, but a sound purpose persists longer than the waxes and wanes of disinterest and infatuations.

Reading diversely and not depending on limited and specialized sources of brain food does aid one to not throw a fit and when they momentarily encounter the inevitable dip of boredom in a certain domain.

Life may just give you lemons, but it’s up to you to hunt for the berries and the bats.

Once locked on a prey, I might have a month-long infatuation test for that domain and if it survives, I add it to reliable sources from which I can draw upon later when I need to fill in a gap in my schedule.

In cases of distaste, experience is experience, a null response is another input, checked off, that doesn’t tend to your sorts of rewards.

While one may antagonize me here by drawing upon the arrows of focus and specialization : I personally do not view the core of domains to be so disconnected that their mutual knowledge does not elevate the collective comprehension - I perceive their tactical combination to be greater than the sum of their individual worths.

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