IKN0X2223: Epistemological Cartography (The Panacea for Delusional but Aspiring Rationals)

check out what an IKN0x means here Snap-shotting projections of the mind over time is a good habit that you should practice. I will try my best to persuade you of that… An over-powered upside to pursuing multiple interests over the span of your life is to have the ability to compare and contrast multiple domains, akin to having multiple hill forts over your territory than only establishing a centralized castle.

IKN0x221F : Pragmatic Polymathy

Checkout the previous polymathy musings Context I intend to formalize my plans of getting good at multiple domains not for the reputation that follows but for the generic insight about the world that you may harness as a result. This is the second refactor of the way I approach this subject and this time around I will be pushing for practical indicators that allow me to gauge my progress over time.

Hunt, Feast, Repeat

I partition my days in phases of different mindsets that allow me to cater to my varying epistemological hungers. One of them is a daily ninety minute ideation hunt and feast that helps keep my skills sharp. The laws of thermodynamics do form a formidable devil that really does mess up your ordered habits if you do not inject in the necessary energy from time to time.1 As a way to sharpen the intellectual axe, I envision myself going on domain hunts to allot myself a new class of game to look forward to during minor breaks from my usual, comparatively conventional endeavors.

Solitude, Society, Originality

Some-days, I wonder that I’m born half a millennia too late into this world given the extent of novel societal tendencies that I’m not fond of. Although, the notion of Batman didn’t exist then, given a choice, I’d probably consider time traveling to an intellectually simpler life when much of what the present science and engineering entails was just beginning to be discovered and invented. Research options then weren’t thresholded by who’s packing heavier compute but rather open to all that could observe patiently and portrayed the will to ask, sceptic-ize and act according to their whims.

Do you really wanna be a Polymath?

Do note that this is an old post (from my last archived blog) that I’m refactoring : more on that here The Unaltered Entry [2022-04-17 Sun 17:09] - 8021 3 hours ago, I encountered a semantic crisis. It all started with the thought that I’m not really prepared for a lot of things in life. Now, that in itself is a toxic thought - one can never be prepared for it all but I definitely have time to figure out several things with minimal extra effort.

The Polymathic Gamble

Do note that this is an old post (from my last archived blog) that I’m refactoring : more on that here The Unaltered Entry [2022-02-23 Wed 18:11] - 7968 A polymath (Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, “having learned much”; Latin: homo universalis, “universal human”) is an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. For the past 2 years, I’ve begun exploring several domains simultaneously, maintaining a generic enthusiasm and curiosity for most of them.