IKN0X224C: Epistemological Polyglotism

check out what an IKN0x means here Understanding different languages can open up one’s mind towards different cultures. The evolution of languages over centuries and common ancestors there-of over millenia indicates the evolution of cultural complexity. The Conventional Take I grew up actively conversing in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrati. French was my first romance language I was exposed to for over 8 years (I say exposed as was learning this academically as a third language and didn’t use this as a “natural” language as much as the others).

Talking About What You Do

I haven’t been writing quite as much as I’d like to lately and have been considering how I approach the whole thing. Instead of talking about what I’m thinking in the moment (pretty fleeting), I’m …… This is exactly the point where I’ll go “I’m planning on …” : I do not wish like doing that anymore. Talking about my momentary plans for a while has been quite the distraction that I occasionally enjoy.

Adventures in Advanced Symbolic Programming : MIT-OCW - 6.945

I finished my first pass of SICP (structure and interpretation of computer programs) around 3 years ago. Since, I’ve realized the elegantly implicit existence of symbolic algebra in several domains that I personally explore on a regular basis. That initial infatuation with Lisp ( and consequently symbolic computation ) has simmered and fermented enough in my mind to be realised as a potent generic thinking device. To cement my commitment to the same, I’ll regularly dive deeper into relevant academia so I don’t lose out on the joys of thinking for the sake of itself.

IKN0X2223: Epistemological Cartography

check out what an IKN0x means here Snap-shotting projections of the mind over time is a good habit that you should practice. I will try my best to persuade you of that… An over-powered upside to pursuing multiple interests over the span of your life is to have the ability to compare and contrast multiple domains, akin to having multiple hill forts over your territory than only establishing a centralized castle.

I turned 0x2222 today

Currently, I prefer tracking the temporal increments of my existence (“age” is what normal humans would say this means) via hex timestamps. Years ago, I kept track of my age in years and months like normal humans do. I maintain the habit of analysing my mindset every major temporal mileston in my life - when I turned 10 (I don’t quite remember exactly how I felt then) or 20, for instance, in accordance with the widely accepted gregorian calendar.

IKN0x221F : Pragmatic Polymathy

Checkout the previous polymathy musings Context I intend to formalize my plans of getting good at multiple domains not for the reputation that follows but for the generic insight about the world that you may harness as a result. This is the second refactor of the way I approach this subject and this time around I will be pushing for practical indicators that allow me to gauge my progress over time.

Teh worth of a workd

Writing is an involved process. A rough overview is as follows: you think of an idea you build upon that idea with what you already know you structure out some initial drafts you run it under a careful eye to scrape out the loopholes you edit it, to the point of satisfaction The problem with that process is the last bullet right there. It makes the worth of a word in the moment diminish than the act of etching something down in stone.

Most News is Noise

I find most sources of information these days (since several years) to be too noisy compared to the actual signals of wisdom you expect from a popular source. Rarely, I’ll pull up the news application on my phone and consume a whole bunch of generic, and some domain specific news. Other than state of the art research in a technical domain, which is based upon a corpora of established citations, most other “new” stuff is noise.

Project : Guinness World Record - Plaque and Announcement

ESDS Software Solutions Ltd. (where I work currently) was lately the technical facilitator for the School Education Department of the Government of Maharashtra, towards conducting a state level slogan competition, the winner of which was rewarded by a lunch with the chief minister of Maharashtra. Brief Context One of the records (total of 3) they were going for was the most number of handwritten notes uploaded to a bespoke platform in 24 hours.

Converging Expression - thought, speech and the word writ

Speech and the word written, are potential expressions of a thought. Each one of us enjoys a different mix of how we best convey ourself. Ever since I began blogging when I was 19, I’ve been prioritising descriptiveness over precision. I feel I’ve entered a mental state where I value the distilled value of the transmission more than the exhaustiveness of the message. I also notice a rift between the way I speak and the way I write.