IKN0x221F : Pragmatic Polymathy

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I intend to formalize my plans of getting good at multiple domains not for the reputation that follows but for the generic insight about the world that you may harness as a result.

This is the second refactor of the way I approach this subject and this time around I will be pushing for practical indicators that allow me to gauge my progress over time.

Initially, I wish to establish sound, but nascent (will maintain flexibility initially) foundations over the course of docuementing the evolution of my thoughts.

In the last 5 years I have accumulated a somewhat interesting world view that I wish to start consolidating in a structure manner to better file relevances and accomodate developments in the same.


The documentation will be synchronized vlog and blog releases that capture the evolution of this personal domain over time.

A cluster root has been initialized in the ideation buffer that will track the developments in an elaborate and fine grained manner compared to what is posted on the main blog.

A relevant video playlist will also be initialized soon where I will capture the growth of this epistemological personal project over time.

I plan all releases being concise captures, the format of which I’ll converge upon in due time, over multiple iterations.

Nomenclature and Release Cycle

An IKN0x is short for:

  • I
  • K(now)
  • N(ot)
  • 0x(timestamp of number of days I’ve been alive)

The first three are a pointer to recursive poem published around 2 years ago which captures my attitude towards generic knowledge fairly succintly