My Creation and Publishing Pipeline

This is an auxilliary post collating resources for the recent video I posted …

The Pipeline

  1. All the ideas, resources that I want to process, any miscellaneous questions I have, are fed into the input-queue in the buffer
  2. All the manipulation takes place in these buffers - they’re org-files and I use org-roam to maintain the connections
  3. whenever a node set ripens and is worth sharing, I write a post or publish a video.
  4. It can go both ways : I can force a set into maturity if I wish to publish something specific or I may chance upon a concept when observing connections.


I use org-roam-ui to visualize the buffer and check for linkages that might result in something useful. I also want to publish this graph (demonstrated in video) but there’s no explicit solution for that yet and I’m planning to build one myself with rust and webassembly as a compilation target.


The buffer is a collection of org-files and is published via maker2413/OrgRoamPublish. Check out the exact process at this similar brain dump.

The main blog is published via hugo and is deployed via github pages.

Both, the buffer and the main blog, are published via github actions that are triggered when I push to their respective repositories.

Youtube is something I’m figuring out my style with and don’t exactly have formal systems yet to produce consistent output. I hope to converge on a system upon multiple iterations (think at least 20).

Concluding …

The video does give you a quick overview of the pipeline which I hope inspires you to start creating content - given that I’m trying to highlight how convenient it is to automate stuff and get in the flow of publishing posts/videos once you have your basics set up.

Do let me know if you see any improvements, conceptual upgrades, or notice any inefficiencies with this pipeline in the comments below…