Practical Natural Language Processing : Chapters 1-5

I took this up when I had to setup a bunch of NLP pipelines for work and this does stand true to its name - it is a quick and practical index into approaches, introductory theory and useful libraries for the same.

I don’t like reading text books at a stretch due to several reasons:- “cross a bridge, when you get to it” is something that has stood the test of time for me when it comes to reading practical books. I don’t find it useful to read stuff without the doing if that is what the book is intended for.

I have been making notes since the second chapter that are indexed in the sentinel reference of the NLP node in my braindump.

I do plan on returning to complete the rest as and when needed.

Here is an index into the meta data of the book.

I don’t rate books anymore and simply post reviews. As of now, I don’t find any shortcomings in this book as it does what it says and has been on par with my expectations of being a reasonably theoretical and practical resource to get things running quickly.