The Hundred Page Machine Learning Book

I couldn’t have asked for a denser review of such a technical and diverse domain. It’d been more a year since I graduated (majored in computer science and minored in artificial intelligence) and so I decided to brush up on some basics and consolidate what I’d studying since the past ~4 years.

I also picked up the book to systematically populate my org-roam buffer and have my root node rooted here in the braindump.

Do note that I avoid noting concepts down verbatim and always try to write stuff down the way I’d like to formulate it for my future self.

This is the official distribution site of the book:

I wouldn’t particularly recommend this for beginners (a more pedagogically friendly course is a better intro to such a dense field : I personally began properly with the Fast.AI series but there’s many more respectable intros out there) but would rate it as an extremely useful revision index into the domain.

When researching/working in the industry, one usually delves into a particular subdomain. That’s necessary and all but this book did help me in forming a better bigger picture of the field and did so very quickly to be honest : I log my work sessions with the org-mode timing system and it took me around 14 hours to read the book from end to end while formulating my notes in the brain dump.

I do want to get onto some more academically inclined reads soon - a little busy with work and personal pursuits as of now to continue with a dense and large read right away.