I turned 0x2222 today

Currently, I prefer tracking the temporal increments of my existence (“age” is what normal humans would say this means) via hex timestamps.

Years ago, I kept track of my age in years and months like normal humans do.

I maintain the habit of analysing my mindset every major temporal mileston in my life - when I turned 10 (I don’t quite remember exactly how I felt then) or 20, for instance, in accordance with the widely accepted gregorian calendar.

Today, I turned 0x2222 days old and can accurately recall the day I typed a similar post for when I turned 0x2000 (has been archived for privacy reasons as of now). If I hadn’t adopted such a personal system, I would have deprived myself of such convenient memory indexes.

I also am able to better gauge my progress over major hex jumps than thinking of this phase as (2*16^2 + 2*16 + 2 = 546 days) 1.495 years.

Moving over from evangelizing fellow humans to have personalized hex calendars, I don’t quite feel any major mindset change today but do acknowledge the accumulation of some stable mental models that have snowballed over the past 0x222 days.

The most important humans in my network usually wish me on such milestones (that would be zero, as of now - perhaps, we’re not quite the social species that we claim to be).

I actually prefer it to be this way as I never quite bought the idea of celebrating one’s pseudo helical revolution (the solar system’s revolving around the milky way’s center as well, which in turn is moving as well so “pseudo helical” is a very generous euphemism) around the sun.

Sometimes, I wonder as to how do we plan on going intergalactic and discovering the likes of tatooine if we emotionally attach fundamentally prominent abstractions such as time to the likes of a star that’ll die away soon (relatively speaking, this post may survive with some non-zero finite (non-infinitesimal) probability but the sun will cease to exist with certainty).

Humans should strive towards having more robust attachments if we really wish to progress as a species.

BTW, I’ve waned out philosophically rambling about existence for every major temporal milestones now which I’m finding to be quite relaxing.

I’m going to enjoy while that lasts - consequently, this just turned out to be an intellectually light hearted post and I don’t quite mind that.

Probably will post such a light hearted update when I’m 0x2345, 0x2468 and … I’m out of creative patterns as of now. But definitely reporting back on 0x3000.