Testing Magnesium and ramping up Cardio

This is a brief update on the nootropics post in which I initialized my current stack and promised for a review down the lane.

I’m back on a controlled dosage of caffeine - 80 mg (dawn) + 80 mg (afternoon). Each cup is supplmented with 100 mg of L-theanine and also dump in 5+ grams of creatine in the dawn. Both do their job well and will continue them this cycle.

From the last phase, I’m most indifferent to L-tyrosine and dropping out of that this cycle. The melatonin did their job well but will cycle in magnesium instead this time. That, along with ashwagandha will form the backbone of my sleep stack.

From a physical perspective, jumping rope for 45 mins thrice a week, along with an hour long barefoot rush up a small hill - both in golden early mornings. That is descent sunlight exposure. Do cycle around (have a fat bike) on weekends sometime. Resistance training 6 times a week for an hour at dawn. This, I feel, is necessary for I like to actively engage with matter around me than just being in my own head all the time.

To put it concisely, physical exertion is mental rest.

The control this cycle is going to be magnesium and elevated levels of cardiovascular training.

I’ll be logging such updates more frequently henceforth and keeping it a little more dispassionate and pragmatic than usual.