IKN0X2223: Epistemological Cartography

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Snap-shotting projections of the mind over time is a good habit that you should practice.

I will try my best to persuade you of that…

An over-powered upside to pursuing multiple interests over the span of your life is to have the ability to compare and contrast multiple domains, akin to having multiple hill forts over your territory than only establishing a centralized castle.

In your conquests towards expanding your epistemological empire, you will have to chart out where you’ve been and what you’ve marked to be explored sometime down the lane.

Documentation doesn’t have to be a duty

Documentation, compared to actually building abstractions, is considered to be a somewhat inferior activity.

I personally have struggled with boredom as well when it came to documenting my deliverables from time to time at work.

I do acknowledge the importance of good documentation in any domain to help collaborators catch up to speed quickly and consequently speed up the expansion of the domain.

But I also do acknowledge that exploring nascent domains like an intellectual vagabond, or more ambitiously - an epistemological explorer, is a funner way to go about it.

My personality isn’t quite the one that would like to criticise and account for existing discoveries but discover blooming phenomena myself.

Not that I look down on such structured duties but I’d frame it as me admiring other cups of tea better.

Epistemology and Cartography are fairly fundamental domains that one could benefit by the merger of.

Intellectually charting out the philosophical theory of knowledge helps one undertake the task of building the bigger picture (or better yet, architect the matrix (I’m inclined to assume the existence of one)) in a more delusionally ambitious and enthusiastic manner.

Don’t “Don’t Document” Stuff

Thinking in consequences of not carrying out a task can potentially turn out to be a better incentive than focusing on the gains of doing so: I regularly use the notion of negative rewards to keep me from avoiding a necessary task.

Snap-shotting projections of the mind over time is a “good” habit that you “should” practice.

That didn’t sound quite compelling, right?

Let me hit you with what ensues if you choose otherwise:

Static Personality Syndrome

Regular self-reflections indicate that you don’t even need to put in the effort to really change an aspect about yourself : it’s an inevitable characteristic of any abstraction that exists over a relatively long duration.

Lack there-of might result in an unjustified bias of your core thoughts being stagnant.

You probably just aren’t registering the minor updates on a regular basis for an observable change to accumulate in an aware manner.

Still don’t quite feel what I wish to convey, right?

Lemme infuse some intensity…

The Minotaur of Eureka

Theseus laid out a red thread to help him traverse the labyrinth.

After chancing upon an intriguing insight, you run the risk of losing your intellectual bearing simply cause of the hormonal implications of a eureka.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional epistemological high but you have to retain a few designated drivers to take you back to a stable thought process again.

I speak from experience : marrying an elegant idea when you’re sloshed in Vegas doesn’t last as you’d want it to and ends up with regrets. Love at first sight sounds romantic (and it is) but I like to hedge my paths when it comes to wisdom (doing it with women is probably not a wise piece of advice).

I recommend courting an idea over multiple dates, testing out if you really are for each other and only then promoting that idea to a personified muse.

Reverse chronological streams are my map (the red thread) saving me from the trauma of recursive introspection (the labyrinth) and consequent intellectual burnouts (the minotaur) : my journals (my epistemologial Ariadne) helped me realized the importance of always logging my exits and entries, however meager - prominence wise - they initially seem to be.

If you’re not the techno-mythical kind of human (that is really, really sad), this won’t hit hard as well …

Maybe.., I’ll try casting a much wider wider net to mesmerize the largest chunk of personalities I can imagine - a lil’bit of poetic imagery to the rescue …

The Gardener and the Butterfly

Let’s paint a picture…,

In this garden of domains do you wish to be the eternally euphoric butterfly that roams around experiencing the flowers of the instantaneous present, potentially sacrificing macro-awareness..


Do you wish to be the gardener tending to a more elaborate context, to see your tendees (domains that you tend to (this isn’t a word)) mature and flourish into trees, yielding calm shades, allowing you to enjoy the butterflies while you sip away on a warm cup of coffee..

To emphasize the already evident, I prefer the latter and am willing to put in the hardwork that goes into maturing your edgy intellect into peaceful wisdom.

Document Stuff

Snap-shotting projections of the mind over time is a GOOD habit that you SHOULD practice.

Now, I hope that hit just the right spot, leaving you calm and satisfied (That’s what the muse said in my head) …