I’ve decided to increase my frequency of writing on the main blog to get more reps in and converge onto my style quickly than if I continued with long form content only.

I’m also going to practice being more concise, and blogging a little more on technical aspects as well.

My usual blog post goes to around 1500-2000 words and that isn’t helpful for covering some minor writing prompts I’d like to explore.

Long form content helps build up context but sometimes I’d just like talking about an idea and seed an intrigue into the readers' minds. Writing about how stuff can be done is interesting but pushing readers to ponder upon certain topics seems more fulfilling to me. Writing, I believe, is inherently about sharing ideas and not just sharing solutions to definite problems.

Around 2 weeks ago, I’d brainstormed around 20 such shorter prompts during a night walk post dinner and I really enjoyed the idea of elaborating upon them in these posts.

Being precise is a skill that I actively want to work on and I find such posts to be the perfect candidate to build my planning and structuring habits when it comes to conveying something succinctly and convincingly.

Getting better at rhetoric is, in my belief, something everyone should keep in mind, as it is a fundamental skill applicable to all forms of communication

This blog post was created during a free-flowing writing session and has taken no more than 10 minutes of my effort with another 5 minutes of refactoring and editing.

All such posts will be tagged as a microessay henceforth to notify you of the effort I’ve put in.

A micro-essay a day, keeps the writer’s block away - quoted Raj with hope and ignorance