IKN0X224C: Epistemological Polyglotism

check out what an IKN0x means here Understanding different languages can open up one’s mind towards different cultures. The evolution of languages over centuries and common ancestors there-of over millenia indicates the evolution of cultural complexity. The Conventional Take I grew up actively conversing in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrati. French was my first romance language I was exposed to for over 8 years (I say exposed as was learning this academically as a third language and didn’t use this as a “natural” language as much as the others).

Adventures in Advanced Symbolic Programming : MIT-OCW - 6.945

I finished my first pass of SICP (structure and interpretation of computer programs) around 3 years ago. Since, I’ve realized the elegantly implicit existence of symbolic algebra in several domains that I personally explore on a regular basis. That initial infatuation with Lisp ( and consequently symbolic computation ) has simmered and fermented enough in my mind to be realised as a potent generic thinking device. To cement my commitment to the same, I’ll regularly dive deeper into relevant academia so I don’t lose out on the joys of thinking for the sake of itself.