Solitude, Society, Originality

Some-days, I wonder that I’m born half a millennia too late into this world given the extent of novel societal tendencies that I’m not fond of. Although, the notion of Batman didn’t exist then, given a choice, I’d probably consider time traveling to an intellectually simpler life when much of what the present science and engineering entails was just beginning to be discovered and invented. Research options then weren’t thresholded by who’s packing heavier compute but rather open to all that could observe patiently and portrayed the will to ask, sceptic-ize and act according to their whims.

The Most Important Book You'll Ever Read

To know thyself, is the beginning of wisdom Socrates On tangibility of the past All of us create content, every moment, tuned to varying extents of influence and permanence. It’s intent that separates us all into different leagues of producers. Let me explain via a hierarchical build up of selected formats of content with varying intensity. Note that the list isn’t exhaustive by any means and I’ve deliberately excluded works of larger scale (movies, video games : they have the potential to be the most influential kind of content out there).