IKN0X224C: Epistemological Polyglotism

check out what an IKN0x means here Understanding different languages can open up one’s mind towards different cultures. The evolution of languages over centuries and common ancestors there-of over millenia indicates the evolution of cultural complexity. The Conventional Take I grew up actively conversing in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrati. French was my first romance language I was exposed to for over 8 years (I say exposed as was learning this academically as a third language and didn’t use this as a “natural” language as much as the others).

IKN0X2223: Epistemological Cartography

check out what an IKN0x means here Snap-shotting projections of the mind over time is a good habit that you should practice. I will try my best to persuade you of that… An over-powered upside to pursuing multiple interests over the span of your life is to have the ability to compare and contrast multiple domains, akin to having multiple hill forts over your territory than only establishing a centralized castle.

IKN0x221F : Pragmatic Polymathy

Checkout the previous polymathy musings Context I intend to formalize my plans of getting good at multiple domains not for the reputation that follows but for the generic insight about the world that you may harness as a result. This is the second refactor of the way I approach this subject and this time around I will be pushing for practical indicators that allow me to gauge my progress over time.