Testing Magnesium and ramping up Cardio

This is a brief update on the nootropics post in which I initialized my current stack and promised for a review down the lane. I’m back on a controlled dosage of caffeine - 80 mg (dawn) + 80 mg (afternoon). Each cup is supplmented with 100 mg of L-theanine and also dump in 5+ grams of creatine in the dawn. Both do their job well and will continue them this cycle.

Engineering a(n) (Ergogenic) Nootropic Stack

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers, boosting brainpower and mental abilities, while ergogenic variants focus on elevating physical performance, creating a powerful combo for unleashing your potential. I’ve got my core habits dialed down now (sleep, exercise, nutrition) and have some good routines in place to actually start converging upon a diet that suits my goal of clocking in stable, moderately high levels of physical and mental performance throughout the day.