A chronologically descending log of my “nows” : cause an “about” isn’t enough.


As of now, I’m laying low and building myself up again. Life is pretty boring and structured : workout, read, work, repeat… there’s not much to it worth discussing.

From a work perspective, am an AI researcher at a cloud computing firm and mostly deal with applications of AI/ML within the same -> am able to study a lot and have some intellectual freedom given it’s a growing, modestly large firm and not a fully fledged corporate experience.

Don’t have much of a social life and just getting used to being an adult.

I’m over the preachy phase of my life and have normal conversations now - only when prompted for one. I get into philosophical discourses only when prompted for one. People might say I’m a different person now - not sure for better or worse. Sometimes stuff is just beyond being good and bad (evil) -> it just is, what it is.