A chronologically descending log of my “nows” : cause an “about” is temporally impractical…


I broke my Arch install a week ago and have shifted to Debian. The base desktop env I used was KDE Plasma but shifted to i3-wm immediately cause I don’t like the mouse. There’s just something very interesting about connecting your headphones with bluetoothctl rather than a GUI.

My Arch spell was shortlived but I did learn quite a lot, might try void sometime soon but I still maintain a persistent installation of arch on a USB that I carry wherever I go.


I’m setting up my new first-ever formal work-dedicated setup. Bought a chromebox and will be installing vanilla Arch Linux. Emacs and Nyxt will be my major workhorses. I might use notion if some collaborator asks for it but version controlled org-files are my preferred way of project management.

Have been learning a lot about the minor details of a lot of ubiquitous utilities that a techie uses but might not be aware of: The chromebox boots up with coreboot and uses SeaBIOS and UEFI so that’s my first good introduction to open source firmware and understanding how one really bricks a device by flashing stuff in write-protected regions (curious, I am, but a cat, I ain’t).

I can sense a new time consuming hobby (ricing setups and whispering “btw, I use Arch” into strangers’ ears, sneaking up on them in dark alleys, just like Batman would) that just might be suited for the kind of person I am.


I’m ramping up the writing a little and lowering down on the reads. That might not be good advice for an aspiring writer but I wish to do more stuff for a while.

I’m on a mild intellectual restriction so that I can adequately assimilate all that I’ve read up until now.

Do expect more works that aren’t inherently inspired from existing corpus but my own experiences and intellectual concoctions.


As of now, I’m laying low and building myself up again. Life is pretty boring and structured : workout, read, work, repeat… there’s not much to it worth discussing.

From a work perspective, am an AI researcher at a cloud computing firm and mostly deal with applications of AI/ML within the same -> am able to study a lot and have some intellectual freedom given it’s a growing, modestly large firm and not a fully fledged corporate experience.

Don’t have much of a social life and just getting used to being an adult.

I’m over the preachy phase of my life and have normal conversations now - only when prompted for one. I get into philosophical discourses only when prompted for one. People might say I’m a different person now - not sure for better or worse. Sometimes stuff is just beyond being good and bad (evil) -> it just is, what it is.