The Consumer Returns …

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… as a creator.

[2022-02-19 Sat 10:35] - 7964

I deleted all my major social media accounts circa April 18 2021 because I found them to be a waste of time. Since, I’ve found my life to be relatively more peaceful and noise-free. Since, I’ve been able to write a lot more without being influenced by several externalities that I was exposed to previously. Since, the blog’s readership has grown to be quite stable with a lot of users returning frequently.

My writing style has evolved to be somewhat of a stream of bursts every once in a while instead of large independent posts. I like imposing that temporal dynamicity on my streams and recording my thoughts over a time instead of a snapshot of my understanding in the moment.

Consequently, RSS (really simple syndication) cannot do the job as I frequently append updates on the same post, dispersed in several corners of the blog.

Feel like I’ve been making it difficult (although implicitly) to keep up with the updates. I don’t like the reader being burdened with the efforts to navigate to those corners.

Hence, henceforth, I’ll be posting update locations on twitter.

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