New Academic Year : Cumulative Updates

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Haven’t been updating lately and this post is an accumulation of some importants over that duration.

Accepted Pre-placement Offer from Goldman Sachs

  • Will be joining GS as a quant/strat in the Controllers’ Division
  • Bengaluru, at least for a couple of years, it is
  • So far so good in terms of how the internet portrays it

New academic year

  • Into my 7th semester : only a year to go before I complete my Bachelors’ ..
  • Do have certain long term goals on my mind going into this academic year
    • I usually plan long term on major life events that are specific to me : birthdays and new academic years
      • don’t think I’ll be mentally celebrating a lot of generic festivals in the future
      • Not the new christian year kind of planner
  • Thankfully, will be pursuing this one on campus and not virtually as for the last ~2.66 semesters
    • on that note ..


  • travelling from Nashik to Hyderabad today
    • posting this from Bombay airport while I wait to board the flight
      • first time I’m blogging from some place other than my room
        • a lot has changed during the quarantine..
      • arrived quite early to avoid morning traffic
  • will be quarantined this week (5 days) and hence the gym won’t be accessible
    • will be exploring some prisoner style workouts
      • a lot of high-rep squats and pushups (mostly ballistic in nature)
      • will also be trying some quasi-isometric variations to exploit time under tension
  • will be back with people my age and who think somewhat similarly at least in primal ways: expect my behavior to change to some extent as a whole

Information Diet

  • Have been re-establishing consumption boundaries and improving quality for the past few weeks
    • slackened post the internship to relax for a bit
    • will also be writing a lot more : on this blog and in my observational notebooks as well : will be building that shelf soon
  • For some time, I have been into the appeal of historic Indian scriptures and what wisdom they have to provide but have never found a good delivery route that is not a burden.
    • mostly because they have a Sanskrit component followed by an interpretation:
      • I possibly cannot read that right without some initial effort
        • sounds highly paraphrased and some words do not have a transferable counterpart : natural languages are not quite translatable on the microscopic scale
        • I did “Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation” by Stephen Mitchell
        • Hindi is structurally and genetically much closer to Sanskrit than English
          • reading Sanskrit in a roman script is visually displeasing as well
    • doing audio-books right now : much better
      • Sanskrit -> Hindi for “Chanakya Neeti”
      • don’t even need to speed it up : sounds engaging as it is compared to its English counterparts
        • reading Latin-originated books
        • listening to Sanskrit-originated audio-books

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