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I have been growing out my hair and beard simultaneously: more appropriately, they have grown out.

This gives me a fairly intimidating appearance given my resting neutral face and seemingly quarter sleepy eyes (I’m not sleepy).

Recently, when traveling back to Nashik midst vacations, at the airport, the frisker (one who frisks - not a word) engaged in some small talk, as if gauging my intentions.

Albeit every 4 year old likes intimidating people, I live in a society and need to appear approachable to potential conversers (ones who converse - not a word), with them willing to risk offending me mildly - that’s an ingredient of a good rationale debate.

Ergo, I bought a pair of blue-light filtering spectacles. I do not care much for their base utility as is the case with most people.

Now I do look like a physics professor, perhaps a philosopher - hopefully that attracts good rational debates.

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