My Bachelor’s - Simulated

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[2022-04-24 Sun 16:08] - 8028

I’ll be done with my lectures by the 2nd of May 2022.
I will say that I’ve changed the most, as a person, in the last four years of my life.

Only one week remains until I leave my dorm for good and head back to Nashik.

I wish to finish my stay in IITH on a high - an honest high. I will be doing activities that really contributed the most to my growth over the past four years.

These would be:


  • the major credit of whatever I can write about today goes to my pursuit of reading diversely and for the sake of itself
  • I will read a lot in the coming week


  • will be ramping up the amount I write for the coming week
  • want to get out as much intellectual residue that I possess right now
  • I experience an intellectual influx of a novel nature depending on where I am.
  • this week, I wish to capture the lifestyle that led to what I am


  • this was always a priority and I wish to end things right
  • have been slacking off recently due to obvious reasons..
  • realistically planning to deal with this in the most efficient and enjoyable manner possible for the last week of IITH
  • I enjoy studying and I wish to end my bachelors studying - intensely.


  • the gym is my favorite place
  • I am a naturally aggressive human and weights allow me to channel that anger when things do not turn out to be as expected
  • the experience of grinding during a lift is incomparable and invaluable


  • I’ve discovered running only lately and I’m smitten
  • It again is an incomparable and invaluable experience
  • it’s about lingering around your physical and mental thresholds, toying with them, breaking through them
  • I run twice a week and will continue to do so


  • I am a very good conversationalist
  • I like good conversations
  • I plan to have a lot of good conversations with a lot of friends this week

Night Walks

  • this is my preferred form of meditation
  • I am not very good at the sitting-still version, yet..
  • this is also the form of solitude I enjoy the most
  • I shall feel the breeze again


  • this is a relatively new pursuit and one that I’m enjoying
  • expressing your ideas visually is an orthogonal pursuit to writing
  • will be doing both: for they complement each other


  • this is the original pursuit that led to the other pursuits I mention above
  • If I were to personify my pursuits, journaling is the wisest elder of the family
  • doesn’t show off the wisdom and is extremely grounded
  • will not direct you to the answer explicitly but drop ingenious hints via a series of intricate questions
  • I shall pay my respects to this pursuit again for the next week
  • it doesn’t care for the facade that the world puts on and is the most honest of all the other pursuits
  • I shall lift my pencil, sharpener and notebook again.

The True High

The majority of what I am, I attribute to these pursuits. Many of my friends ask me the reason that I choose not to smoke, drink or indulge in other such activities and to them I say:

I’m always High.

These pursuits keep me excited about life and I do not wish to escape what’s around - I, instead, desire digging deep into the rabbit hole.



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