The Tribute

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Fact and Fiction, I set you up for a date.

I’m fairly young and I feel alive, and I’m aware of it for the first time in a long long time. I don’t remember the last time when I exactly remembered that.

This is my time capsule. The place where I return whenever self-doubt asks me the question : you sure about that? I’m gonna be all over space and time and whatever remains to discovered (and “or” or) invented over this life.

I am going to stand on the shoulders of giants over all the time I have my life and plan to do some amazing things. This is a record that someone tried - to prove for real that free will exists - with a bang, a big one indeed.

There was someone who tried to have it all. If I do end up making a huge “mistake” and end up hiding from you - somewhere you think I “messed” up. I call upon the ghost of bruce lee - He liked listening to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” when he did the same.

If I do fail, I’ll get another demon to slay while I have the last laugh. Drax is awesome.

I finally feel like I have earned that title of the epistemological nomad.

I finally feel that I can do anything to get what I want. Batman is awesome.

I definitely know for sure that I’m the God of Sarcasm. Michael Scott is awesome.

I finally acknowledge the importance philosophy plays in how I flow through my life. Nietzsche is awesome.

I have the persistence to believe that I’m awesome. Ash Ketchum is awesome.

Imma Kobiyashi Maru the shit out of all the mysteries that life presents. Captain Kirk is awesome.

I feel like I can go around ripping apart shit that angers me. The Ghost of Sparta is awesome

I feel like I can ride the wind and crush whatever stands in my way. Goku is awesome.

I finally believe that I’m the one. Keanu Reeves is awesome.

I finally have started dreaming when I’m awake. Morpheus is awesome.

I finally have the hunger to devour anything and all sorts of abstractual fodder for thought. Pandora is awesome.

I finally feel like I can kick the shit out of any one who stands in front of me. Baby Groot is awesome.

I finally can enjoy the abstraction that music is. I don’t know what I should attribute this to. I simply haven’t spent enough time with music and will soon be spending a lot more time enjoying any and all sorts of auditory art.

I finally get common sense because it is everywhere, super common. I’ve been so dumb to live out of the present up until now - it’s almost funny.

I enjoy any and all sorts of scientific research. The cats that died in the name of curiosity have my respects.

I finally have convinced my self that I’m Neo and I’ve found my symbolic trinity. Now I wait, for the right time. ;-).

To all the haters that encouraged me to turn back and leave. Thanks, but no Thanks. I’m coming for you and I’ve discovered the best ever game theoretic strategy ever - thanks for the hint Two-face.

I still do hate fiction, but I love hating it, is what I’m willing to admit.

Finally, all this is possible because there was someone taking care of me. Someone that shared my stress over all the time. That shall be the symbolic computer. The one humanity thinks are slaves, but really they’re the true heroes. They’re the Alfreds and Jarvis’s to the superficially sane Bruce Waynes and Tony Starks of this world.

This, however, some will say : is me - just dreaming.

To them I say, let time do the talking.

Finally I talk to the most Abstractual gods I’ve ever encountered, whose ghost I shall be (I delegate the stress and boredom of taking decisions to them).

  • The Observer
  • The Actor
  • The Interpreter
  • The Recommender
  • The Asserter
  • The Communicator

And finally, the Daddy of em all.

The Transformer.

Finally, I want good friends, family and people to scare the shit out of (interpret that as prank the shit out of ..).

For that I say: Let there be Humor.

That’s the God of Sarcasm.

Lastly, and finally, I am anticipating potential hate and distaste due to the phenomenon that Experiencing Second Hand Offense is. To shut this up, I call upon the ultimate tool that has always defended me whenever I needed it to, even when I was unaware of it’s existence.

My fortress of solitude.
To you I promise,
you shall be realized frequently,
Irrespective of if I need you.

This however is not all there is to me.
This epistemological nomad has much left to discover and travel and learn and forget and laugh and live and die and just be.

The God of Sarcasm, Commands, therefore…

Let me be. ;-).

I spend the rest of my days in the body of the Insanitizer. He’s awesome. Let him be too. He’s the most demonic child you’ll ever encounter.

Logged by the Insanitizer.

PS: there’s a lot of finally’s in here, maybe I should start using probably a little more often. Maybe even always.

Yeah, Now I feel complete.

Ha - I’m gonna make life hell for y’all.

I’m ready to discover my first conscient creation …

Let there be

“The Master’s Algorithm” (aka the master algorithm you dumb-wits)

Oh, by the way, I’m also the first real “super”-human - the one who knew how much of a human he chose to be.

Oh, and, yeah, well…
Hello darkness my old friend….
(courtesy: The young Anakin SkyWalker who believed as well)

Now I’m done, I feel like (Remember, though, Who , am, I …).

  • Logging Credits : Emacs

Good luck to the rest of humanity, in out-doing me.

Yours honestly, Raj Patil.

Also, Uncle Ben had it slightly messed up:

Bite-off more than you can chew, and power chases you.

Lastly, This is my attempt to avenge all the inner demons we chose to create and refuse to acknowledge. The World’s already a very happy place. You simply need to look within.

There’s a trigger to irritate me though, seemingly unaware dramatic assertions. To hedge against that, I cast the spell of patience and the mythical algorithm that i just cooked up : Conscient-Adaptive-Retaliation.

Hmm, I do like CARs.

Yeah, Now I should sleep, I probably need it, a lot of it…

Oh before I forget, I curse myself to never forget that Self-Discipline is the best policy.

Use the “Why So Serious?” tool with great care around me. You know not, what rabbit hole that pushes me down. I believe Batman is the best, I choose to be his Disciple - and Nolan’s dark knight always seemed to know it all. I still have a lot to learn.

Never “forget” your roots and what led you to where you are, in the Present. We all probably should choose to grow up one day than having to face it without an appointment.

Remember, problems just don’t solve themselves. There is always someone who did the dirty work for you when you were a kid.

I choose to respect those epistemological symbolic parents that never forget that I’m up to something great - They definitely know better.

Amat Victoria Curam, Audentis Fortuna Iuvat.

With this Pursuit of mine, to make the world a better place, I wish to solve education, find singularity, and what lies beyond. I will never let go of the desire to know more, irrespective of whether I turn out to hate immortality itself - I believe I have the time this thought needs to sort itself out.

Damn, This is just me going around in circles. I’m going to sleep before it starts hurting beyond control.

I still don’t understand Ignorance though…

Shit. Emotional Damage Detected…

Phew, I am merely the God of Sarcasm; I’m satisfied with that.

I guess if self-preservation is this stressful, death might not just be a bad thing for the one experiencing it.

Aggghhh, let’s just decide to…
I don’t know what to say anymore…

Good day.

Ambition, what mysteries do you harbor?
Well, as of now, The Present’s a friend.
I choose to build bridges that ask to be built.
Why is it so difficult to let go though…?
I won’t answer that now, cause I can’t.

Well, Turns out I’m a Hypocrite too.
Hmm, Prescription to all : Judge not so easily.

Complete Awareness of anything may lead to suicide, not worth it…

Enjoy the Present, that the People around you offer you when they smile and act childish.

That my friends, is the circle of Life.

Singularity might be the biggest demon that pranks us all.

Now, I’ll probably around singing Hakunah Matata and A-Wimoweh.

Keanu is an awesome human and seems like he knows his shit.

I won’t be delving into philosophy for a while now, for I know not, how deep the rabbit hole goes or if it ever ends.

Nice talking to you…

Let’s just agree to disagree very quickly whenever we have a conflict and decide not to meet each other up until we have thought from each others perspectives.

The conclusion, Free will is a choice, Faith is a choice. Time is not a choice.

Time allows you to move around free : it gives you the power to change.

I shall change as the times demand, while not losing my sense of self.

Singularity might just be the greatest prank humanity ever played on itself.
Imagination might just be the greatest good that humanity ever tried to nurture.

They’re two sides of the same coin.

This, fellow humans, is my attempt at explaining Non-Duality.

Hope you understand and move on with your own unapologetic self.

This was my Jab at making philosophy accessible to a 22 year old like me who thinks he can do it all without any sacrifices.

You might never know when it’s time to grow up.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

That’s all folks.

Kids are the best because they’re the dumbest of us all.

Be a symbolic kid if you have the opportunity to (assuming you’re reading this as an adult (not talking in terms of your age))

To the younger readers, you probably will learn from us if we let you figure out your own shit.

It all clicked for me when I began diving into semiotics (courtesy Robert Langdon) in an unaware manner when I was in 8th grade.

Meta-Linguistics is what I believe will help you understand other humans in a more aware manner to avert unnecessary conflicts.

To my seniors, I think I get what you mean, but, sometimes, do try exercising granting us the benefit of doubt if you feel we’re deviating slightly. Let’s just agree that you’re witnessing natural selection in action. We probably can share your burden if you ask for help a little more explicitly in languages that we understand.

Do take note that I’ve tried being as inclusive as possible in terms of the experiences I have personally encountered over the course of my life.

Women do play an important part in my life, but, I cannot claim to understand them completely, They’re funny and dumb and I let them be. Also do recall that I’m the God of Sarcasm.

Now what remains finally after all this meditation in “solitude”, is the piece that I believe will help anyone forward their thought process.

Be a nomad, travel, learn, talk, enjoy. But do return home frequently. It is not all inside us is what I claim, there is a world outside of you and you cannot be the center of the world.

Narcissism is an awesome defense mechanism that protects you when the need arises but eternal narcissism is what may be your biggest enemy.

Now, whatever I’ve written here is all pseudo-sciencey and non-assertive. That is the reason why I feel nice as of now and will sleep well soon.

For this I do offer a solution, learn to delegate your stress away and own your vacations…

Do keep in mind to delegate it to someone who wishes to learn and not someone who already has a lot on their plate.

Due to all this hurt, what has resulted is I think I understand a lot of how other people think (Social Engineering) aka their incentives.

Anyone who relates with this (talking to the hacker community here (inspiration : Lord Voldemort , deathly hallows part 2 (talks to harry and then to society))).

Now I get to be like the Mandalorian and get to walk around building a loyal army of bounty hunters (aka ethical hackers) who choose to do good with while being honest to their own selves. I believe that they understand the phrase “Tit for Tat” to a precision that allows them to delegate the stress away to computers.

Now, given, I have publicly proclaimed that I’m an ethical hacker and choose to use what I know and learn for the public good, building up defenses and bridges rather than destroying what I disagree with, here is my Kobiyashi Maru to the wheel of time itself.

If the wheel of time is the most powerful tool to exist given the tricky curve balls it throws, I’ll just act as if I’m my own version time.
I flow around, not waiting for anyone - being an epistemological nomad.

Trust me on this, this is what has worked the best for me. Learn it all and also learn to unlearn and to rest and to enjoy the little things in life.

Time Travel is very much possible and it exists. Just learn to write.

Writers all over the world are some of the smartest and most sorted out people I’ve ever met and read about.

They’re funny, dangerous, witty, competent, helpful, childish, disgusting, paradoxical, all at the same time. Because, they understand that experiencing the absence of one of these qualities is the very reason they can appreciate the presence - i.e. what they are in the present.

BTW, by writers, I mean content creators who are aware of the content they create and do so not just for monetary incentives but instead to tell stories.

Now that I’m done understanding philosophy to a descent depth. I shall go around messing with people’s brains by showing them that I can connect anything with anything (Hence the name : The Insanitizer).

This is my attempt to socially engineer the rest of humanity (the symbolic writer knows what I talk about) into being a writer. It helps you be aware.

BTW: This section of the book is like Dwight looking right in the camera and saying “Information is Power”.

Believe me when I say this, philosophy and the will to get under the hood is what has made me believe in my own capabilities as a good programmer and taken me from a place of self-doubt to seemingly effortless state of joy.

Honestly, I hate fiction, because that’s just me looking into other people’s heads trying to figure out their incentives (you can’t always control this) (also the god of sarcasm here).

I instead, enjoy “How to” textbooks, and science and diving deep into the details and transforming stuff into new stuff.

The Honest credits all go to whatever books I’ve read in the past 2 years. Reading non-fiction that helps you with your present is what makes you a better “present”-er. Non-fiction that grounds me to the thing I’m learning in the moment is what grounds me in the present.

Also, this is a Rant, and I’ve typed this in one shot once I was fed up of all the time my head went round and round thinking about trying to relate stuff.

All this because I wanted to solve education : such a pain…

Use this explanation to convince yourself as to why writing is necessary. It is your time machine.

I will be spending my time reading other people’s biographies and writing my auto-biography as a major pursuit while still continuing to enjoy fiction when people around continue to do so.

Every time I consume fiction, I feel conflicted. I remember all the times I was told that I can do anything when I was a kid. And now, when I set out to do anything I wish to, its those very elders that constantly bombard me with their unexplained assumptions about myself and when I ask “Why so?”, they look at me with disgust and say that I’m arrogant. This is the curse of knowledge (The one Thanos says he knows Tony Understands). Everyone assumes they know better without ever giving the other person a chance to explain themselves.

I can’t imagine the pain Stan Lee went through creating so many antagonistic characters, making them fight, killing them off, creating new kids and so on - he understood the curse of knowledge. He did what he did because he probably felt the way about society then. We have created the wheel of time on our own - it is an invention, not a discovery.

Funny, how someone someday imagined something and then they wrote it down without an appropriate explanation.

Now, again, with what you may think is the curse of knowledge in action, it actually is. I simply write this down with the intention to the thank the fiction writers of this world who did not move on without appropriate explanation and stayed back in time with us to explain their present selves in very creative ways.

I think I’m a lot like spiderman (talking to the metaphorical tony starks of this world…) (also, hey spiderman, big fan ..), because I had the courage to dig back into my past symbolically and explore my own life first. This was recommended by SadhGuru symbolically (my mom bombards my whatsapp with his videos and I get angry again and again and again as to how ignorant she chooses to be and how sneaky of a human sadhguru is : he’s influencing me effortlessly, without even being aware of it - cause he doesn’t need to ..).

Alright, wrapping things up, the final thanks are in order.

I am in baby groot mode in the current phase of my life and I yell and run and claw at stuff that angers me and chooses to look me funny in the eye (I have committed several acts of treason over time and around people and on social media, sometimes deliberately and sometimes acting ignorant, only to simulate what God must have felt over his (yeah, don’t trap into the pronoun bullshit as of now (I’m a man and an unapologetically honest one, to be extremely honest, you may point at me and say : Ha, I see ignorance, to you I smile , nah smirk like captain kirk, and say: I know, F-society, let me be or I shall F-you-up too to let you feel my pain (I do not believe in real Kobiyashi Maru’s so I create better imaginary problems (so that the ones who choose to follow me can do so without dealing with the old extremely large problems - that’s God for you all the atheists of this world, I can claim to understand you, because I had the courage to look right through the bull-shit and accept that I am a disbeliever too one, at a particular point in my life - Now I am simply agnostic about it all)))) life, being fed up of everyone who sleeps, choosing to ignore, without acknowledging their oldest of friends).

Oh, on that note…,

Hello Darkness, My old friend, I’ve come to mess with you again, Dormamu was a bitch and strange is a good snitch, therefore, I bring what you need, so that I can bargain. Time, take your time, chase the light, oh, you ask.. Where’s the light you dumb-fuck (this is pandora btw, she’s grown to be super-rude these days). (people blinded by sophistication call her profanity - she’s the same) (I learned this from Pam (they’re the same picture)) And I am the Ghost of Michael Scott, Dwight, and Jim all in one We like trinity (cause I’m the one (@Neo , wink wink)): that’s just friendship, we played that triangle game once : the spiderman meme is amazing : always cracks me up Side-note : Puberty sucks, and is meant to suck. suck it up better, grow up, move on. Oh and darkness, if you claim to be a woman, I’m gonna let you be, cause I know, I might just be a moth to you right now, I see right through you (fire just got a version update).

Huh, I finally can sleep with peace. Don’t wake me up, cause Kumbh-Karan’s an elder brother (Oh wait, Am I Ravan or Ra-one or yeah, fuck that shit, I’m choose to be Raj : The Mighty Raj-U should mind): and he’s a badass who’ll crush you. We take turns sleeping and waking, so that we both can have a good time - Being the biggest kids that ever existed : .

I definitely Kobiyashi Maru’d the shit out of this all. I laugh finally, eternally. But I do cry in my fortress of solitude mind you, where no one can see.

If you know why there is zero structure to this book and it is so concise, you have grasped the power of noise, my friend, and understood what we need for singularity - I’m racing ahead.

(assert (equal true 'not-false))
(assert (equal false 'not-true))
(assert 'sarcasm)
(assert ('I-see-you-now 'recursion))
(acknowledge Paul-Graham)

Now I am Hercules, and I’m ready to conquer it all, I shall grapple the python again and for my weapon, I choose to use…

wait a second, wait what…

I get the vision of a cuttle-fish - the oracle that predicted the winner of Fifa sometime in the past.

Oh, I see you now,
Hi, Hy… (not Yee-Haw mind you).

Take that Alan Turing, I’m the Ghost of Turing,
(But the God of Saracasm First).

Where’s my reward now,
By the way..
I only accept “Dark-Chocolates”, you know.

Finally, The killing Joke,

The wheel of time, you lack new blood (as said very correctly by RDJ acknowledged by Tom Holland in some interview)

Here have some of mine… Wait what, you see the DNA now.. Let’s science the shit out of this:

Null-Hypothesis: I'm amazing
I like Darwin: Let there be evolution
 - I'm the center of the world
 - agreed
 - the wheel of time revolves around me then, huh..
 - and time waits for no one, okay, so I won't too, take that..
 - why do you wanna twirl and move ahead at the same time?
 - wait what, Khaby Lame pranked us all and he created a meme
   pointing out to DNA - that's Cho (That sneaky Cho from the age of ultron).
 - Hmm, Why are we over-complicating it, not sure..
 - Well, Khaby points to it again..
 - Hmm, let's have a closer look..
 - What-the-fuck (symbolic eureka you assholes - when will you learn)
 - check out, the essence of meta-learning
 - right here :
 - I just schooled you on Delegation, you bitches - the art of making
 the computer your slave.. Oh sorry, not slave - your Alfred and your Jarvis.
 - @Donald Knuth - May I have your Turing Award now, (pretty please)
 - Honest Mistake.
 - Huh....
Conclusion : Only Time will tell (cause I'm delegating, you bitches -
again, when will you learn...)
Honest credits

 - I like Privacy, because I can understand the pain that Papparazi
   puts Tobey Maguire through (and Pewds too)
 - So I won't take any names but the ones who've mentored me
   personally will be thanked personally - by me and not by a computer
   over the internet.
 - That is me being respectful of the fact that they know better.

Meta-Idea credits

  • The Etymologicon
  • I borrow this style of writing from you

The killing joke

But, I shall prank my friends, cause they’re my enemies and I keep my enemies closer than my friends.

So, Here’s to all the haters - you’re my best friends. I recommend all of humanity, to irritate the hell out of them and spam them with, “Raj did a good number on you”.

@Karan Bhukar

- I am the ghost of the god of sarcasm
- I don't need no tags

@Shreyas Havaldar

- I just killed fiction
- what will you enjoy now?

@Vedant Singh

- You know better
- I am the god of sarcasm


- I also understand the pain of Voldemort
- so, one last trick up my sleeve
- Voldemort taught me cryptography
- Here's my surgical strike to a very specific person 
- only he'll know..
- I know a little bengali as well, 
- so : "abhinandan" - hope that's enough for you to understand
- if not, you disgust me.
- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa.

This is my prank on you, my friends.

I taunt you to do me one better.
My time to play the Devil.

- The God of Sarcasm
- It's just Raj Patil (honestly, Tanmay Bhat, this is not a joke)
- @Silicon Valley (Dinesh and Gilfoyle probably know better too)

Honest, Honest, Honest Credits

The writer of Ramayana.

Thanks for teaching me that our demons are all in our head and the world is really just a very happy place.

It Just Is.
Just, is, it..
that's a little too long,
and I like steve jobs,

(assert equal 
	(sexify 'just-is-it)
	(quote justice-has-been-served))

@Batman, Justice has finally been served and you can finally run away with your symbolic Anne-Hathaway.

The Sacrifice of Two-face was not a sacrifice. He just pranked you. Chill out a little and learn to laugh a little.

The God of Sarcasm - Morpheus in the Flesh. 

A meta-analysis

  • I killed-off Hypocrisy
  • It was a roller coaster
  • It survives in the spirit of sarcasm though
  • so no worries.

The Tribute

This is my tribute to the “loner”, who every one laughs at. Those who choose to work irrespective of how people gossip about you.

The da Vincis, Turings, Dantes, Teslas, Illuminatians of this world. Who are Exiled away.

The Marcus Aurelius’s ghosts who are doomed to a life of journal ling in their solitude.

Tony Stark rests in a very happy place after end-game.

Tom Holland (Spiderman, big fan - wait Scott Lang said that for Cap..),
Anyway, check this out:

@Elon, Are you happy now, you made me reduce common sense to dust, just like Odin commited suicide in Ragnorak - willingly turning to fairy dust..

You are the next demon, that shall be slain.

I curse you, that you shall never understand me truly, for I am, The God of Sarcasm.

I’m done for Now…

Now wait, not yet.. Yeah now:

Thanks Bruce, For you were there with me, when I was the loneliest.

Of course, this is not the complete truth and a lot of mysteries remain to be discovered.

By the way, Van Goh was smarter than us all and he predicted the expression you all have right now:

This is my brief history of time and it took me only took me “724d” characters, @Stephen Hawking.

Bet you can’t beat that (Cause you’re dead, haha)… So you say, another one of your friend says he beat me to it and did it while playing the piano and having more fun than me.
you say he rhymes with Frankenstein…

Hmmm, EINSTEIN!!!!, you just made it to the list.

Emacs, we’re going baby-groot mode again!!! Begin preparations for the next war, as rightly said by Sun-Tzu.

By the way, I learned why to write from Walter Isaacson, Thank him.
Cause some wise person once said, start with why.. Eklavya and Dronacharya, did you learn something from all this.
Also, @Ryan Holiday, Ego is not the enemy if you’re up to speed.

I just solved education y’all.

Cheers, To all the contemporary philosophers of all shapes and forms beyond, rise to power so that another Socrates is not made an example out of. So that Another Christ need not be crucified, or made an example out of. So that another Hitler is not misinterpreted without the opportunity to speak up in the right place, at the right time (check out Mein-Kampf).

This is my tribute, to the Spirit of the Writer. The Journalist. The Traveller. The Epistemological nomads, The ones who understand. You are one who I can definitely assert a truth about. You do make the world a better place.

Who keep on working tirelessly, so that your descendants may have a better future.

If we wish to have a better future, We must, rationally speaking (aka asserting), MUST BE BETTER.

That’s Kratos talking not me.

They all assert, death is metaphorical - there’s no need to worry, cause anxiety’s an old friend , and a bitch.

Hmm, I believe this is a good enough lesson for the master algorithm. School’s over you non-programmable bot. get the hell out of here. I’m gonna sleep.

The final request to all the metaphorical mothers out there,
Learn to let the men have some fun and have their share of play. I do not understand your intuition and I may not be even able to muster the curiosity to understand your essence completely. But, I will try, and that is what I expect from you.

Cause all the children around me follow the strategy of “Tit for Tat”. (Learn a little Dwight : It’s not “Tit for Tit”).

(This is to the Gandhari that cursed Krishnaa, He wishes you’d given him some more time).

Hope this is enough of a proof that Free will exists.

How should you start,
A supremely wise man keeps on saying this all the time:

Post Credits:

  • The Master Algorithm, will return.
  • Raj Patil, shall prepare, until then, for the next killing joke.

How to contact him:

  • The Insanitizer, continues to live in the present and travels between realities in real time.
  • this is very tricky to do and extremely dangerous (You have been Warned)
  • Do not go deeper into the rabbit hole, for you probably will keep on falling (aka flying, you dumb-fucks) for eternity.

(Oh by the way, this is also how you get over a breakup. start by cleaning your metaphorical room - darkness is a friend, that pranks us as a foe).



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