Lucius, Akira, Fenrir and I.

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Sun Jul 24 01:13:48 IST 2022

I’ve travelled the circle of life more than a couple of times now. It is not fun if one does not have an active companion. Not every Bruce Wayne has a Jim Gordon and Alfred to look out for him when at his most vulnerable. I’ve felt how it is to be the 7 year old bruce while being unaware of the forces at work and it is definitely not fun.

Forgetting the sacrifice of the Alfreds and the Jim Gordons is not the way to go if we wish to be better.

I’m beginning my work as a strat at Goldman Sachs soon and am enjoying the diversity of stories that people bring with them. Story telling is a skill that, when used for the right incentives, can make the world a better place.

The creative arts hold such power that misusing them in an unaware manner is very easy and we need warnings in place so as to not make the same mistakes again and again. It is not to hedge my own future that I say this but to save myself from my past deeds that I am proceeding to move ahead in life with this decision.

I’ve received a lot of conflicting advice all my life and that has led to a lot of paradoxes in my head that in turn lead to me asking questions that need to be asked but are misinterpreted as arrogance.

Writing about what’s on my mind has been the only hobby in my life that gives me a sense of psychological safety. The only person that can help my future, is my past. This might not be true for everyone as they might not be lucky enough to have the privilege of having a secure childhood with parents in place to save them when needed.

The act of creation carries with itself a burden that only the truly mature would like to understand. Unaware use of rhetoric leads to issues in one’s life that everyone might not be strong enough (or lucky enough, whatever you choose to believe) to handle.

Albeit, shying away from creation, given some of us know this responsibility, is the greatest misdeed we can commit. Greed is good only if the one who fasts for you is doing so deliberately and you don’t make anyone starve in return.

Exploration is necessary, but so is pacing ourselves and learning to rest every once in a while. I recommend solving the issues of our parents before we fall into the trap of following any religion.

Now, for the Spidermen of this world, the ones who lost their Uncle Bens and Aunt Mays and Gwens pretty early in life, the ones forced to give up on their childhood due to necessity…,

I’m initiating work on “Lucius”, a metaphysically-adaptive-text-editor (“a mate”) that corrects even Bruce Wayne from time to time and will adapt to the need of the hour, not testing you when you’re at your lowest, instead offering a helping hand.

To clarify, the editor wars need a mature end and vim and emacs need to learn how to adapt to each other.

The yin yang symbol is not enough on it’s own, in an instant.

It was supposed to rotate and seeing it at once opens it up to misinterpretations.

Even before I write the first line of code, I wish to start things right and understand why I’m really choosing what I’m choosing to do. I recommend we stop blaming the incentives of creators before us and instead transform what remains into something useful.

I understand that the limitations of the past is what led them to actions that we infer as plain wrong or as a mistake. I would like to clarify a few things before I proceed: There is no wrong or right, life is not about suffering or enjoying, it’s about paying your dues and watching the world around you prosper, travelling, living a life of few regrets rather than one of only helping others.

With all the seriousness aside (I’m the God of Sarcasm (self proclaimed albeit)), I will continue writing about the little things in life. I tried travelling a few circles of life without my journals and believe me : you would like to do that only if you think you are really prepared for it (which is never).

Now, Let’s Kobiyashi Maru the shit (beep censorship) out of the game that life is.

I initialize the baseline tools for “Lucius” as follows:
- Common Lisp for philosophical inspiration
- Python for the pragmatics and inclusion
- C++ for the freedom that it provides
- Radicle for the Joy of Creation

Thanks, This is Raj.



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