vimrc evolution

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Fairly recent rc can be found here

RC Log

  • a timestamped log of all the changes to my vimrc with some wisdom and insight as to why so…
  • goal is to capture the evolution of my rc
  • also some things learned along the way

Sat Apr 24 19:57:41 IST 2021

  • shifting to Emacs with Evil mode
  • vim is a backup option now
  • will update on the tech stack once the migration is complete
  • TBH, Evil emulates vim fairly well
  • All the things that I’ll have to learn to become an emacs superuser were anyway on my list
    • I’ll choose lisp any day over vim-script

Tue Apr 13 21:09:50 IST 2021

  • incorporating evolution as an active stream today onwards
  • last major update was implementation of a scroll bar for popups using vimscript
  • yet to optimize the algorithm : it’s slow and ugly right now
  • as a consequence of handling a lot of big, fat, ugly data for databases assignment : added support for large files
  • also looking into machine code and assembly for a while now: included triggers for binary buffers

Tue Feb 9 16:02:24 IST 2021

  • shifted all ab’s to iab’s

Sat Jan 30 16:21:54 IST 2021

  • segmented vimrc into folds and pruned off some unnecessary plugins
  • shifting to using ZZ as default quitter
  • some self-imposed mapping rules
    • any meta-ops : use control
    • any new buffer creations/edits : use leader (SPACE)
  • commenting post mappings :
     It is not possible to put a comment after these commands, because the '"'
     character is considered to be part of the {lhs} or {rhs}. However, one can
     use |", since this starts a new, empty command with a comment.
  • upgrading vimrc buffer pullup and sources to 3 stroke maps
     nnoremap <leader>ev :vs $MYVIMRC<Cr>
     nnoremap <leader>sv :source $MYVIMRC <Cr>

Fri Jan 29 22:45:19 IST 2021

  • upper U , lower u in visual mode
    • map <c-u> vawUw
    • handy for something like CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES
  • to remove a mapping, there’s the usual unmap with modifiers
  • map - ddp to move a line down and map _ ddkkp to move a line up
  • 10- (or 10_)will treat 10 lines as a chunk
  • to know what keystrokes are captured when typing a meta key:
    • hit in insert mode and then the key
  • included a map for logging with timestamps
    • the k and J after the return to get the date inserted on the same line
    • output from r! inserts an extra \n in the end
  • maps also included for editing and sourcing vimrc
  • another map for quick access to the terminal
     map <leader>l :r!date <Cr> k J
     map <leader>e :vs ~/.vimrc <Cr>
     map <leader>s :source ~/.vimrc <Cr>
     map <leader>t :ter <Cr>
  • setting line number and relative line number :
  • line number shows the current line number as absolute and relative line number shows the others as relative : use both
     set relativenumber
     set number




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