[2022-10-05 Wed 15:31] - my day has a healthy structure now - circadian ryhtms back on track - am waking up again at 530 hrs irrespective of when I sleep - on a week-long break from working out - had accumulated a lot of injuries and inflamation post himalayas - have finally ascribed a purpose to my pursuit of writing - I was writing a book this past summer but scrapped it due to inevitable circumstances - realized quite a few things about how to handle this pursuit of writing while not sacrificing other aspects of my life - this time around, I'll be taking this slow .


[2022-10-04 Tue 11:27] - writing and journalling regularly again - when I archived the last blog, I also scrapped a book that I was working on - the timing wasn't quite right had to give up then - will continue blogging though for some time before I revive that concept again - needed more research and efforts - got to dial down on my career first though


[2022-10-03 Mon 05:48] I do enjoy blogging in terms of streams, while keeping it discrete enough for convenient rereads. - will be initializing a daily stream that I initialize every morning and end at the end of every day. - timestamps somehow increase my awareness of time and delegate the stress of time-management to the computer. - feels like a very simple productivity hack. - I borderline feel like Mark Watney from "Martian".