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As of Thu Oct 6 07:50:21 AM IST 2022:


BTECH IIT Hyderabad (2018-2022)

- Major : CSE       : 9.26
- Minor : AI        : 9.50


Python, Lisp (Racket, Common Lisp, Elisp), C++, C, Javascript, Haskell, Prolog, Eiffel, Vimscript

git, Unix and GNU philosophies, Make, Emacs, Vim, PostGres, Qiskit, 

Pytorch, Numpy, Pandas, FastAI, cvxpy, Org-Mode, Hugo, Jekyll


Towards Transferability Metrics (Aug 2021 - May 2022)

 - finding a generic transferability score for inter-domain transfer-learning tasks
 - specific to computer vision applications on chips: in collaboration with KLA Tencor

Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst (June 2021 - July 2021)

 - worked towards improving the cluster interpretability
 - created a generic multidimensional hyperparameter grid search framework to automate model tweaking

CVPR 2021 Workshop paper | AUTONUE 2021

 - setting the domain adaptation challenge for semantic segmentation 
 - resulted in a workshop paper: in collaboration with IIIT Hyderabad


projectdesc.tools and skills
Quantum Error Correction Codescreated a framework to test efficacy of qubit allocation strategies for noise-resistant quantum computationQiskit
Custum Deep Learning Frameworkcreated a deep learning library from scratchPytorch, numpy, git
Option Pricing via Monte Carlo Simulationsdelved into monte carlo option pricers, while comparing results with conventional stochastic calculus models (Black Scholes)Python, Stochatic Calculus
Secure Multiparty Computation (for Deep Learning)Survey on how cryptographic techniques are used to maintain secrecy during multiparty computation (neural networks in this case)
WDGAFCreated plotting DSL using principals of compilers and published it to pippython, lark, package publishing
Relational Databases and Data HygeineExecuted complex relational database queries on the imdb movie database; implemented scraping scripts to fetch relevant dataPostGres, SQL, python, shell scripting
Optimizing scheduling algorithmsresearched into tweaks to optimize the scheduling algorithms BOCC, BTO, MVTO
Musical Chairs: Concurrency controlSimulating a game of musical chairs using modern concurrency constructs from C++11 onwardsC++, Make
Chat Room Appcreated a command line chat room app using principles of socket programmingcomputer networks, python


FitSoc 2021-2022

- founded a fitness community to aid college students to manage their fitness pursuits 
(hybrid athleticism) along with their academic goals
- is now an active group of 100+ members

Founding Core Member Epoch (The ML club of IITH) - 2019

- conducted the first ever session of the club
- based on exploratory data analysis using pandas, numpy and scipy


  • JEE ADV 2018 AIR 658
  • Mensa score of 97 percentile
  • Powerlifting Gold and Silver Medal : IITH Milan (Interhostel GC)