Inducing Burnouts

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Today, I had a programmatically good day : most of what I care for was allocated a sizable portion of time.

This is what the day was composed of in descending order of time devoted (ignoring misc):

  • Research oriented readings, study and work (~5hrs)
  • reading SICP (~1.5hrs)
  • workout and walk (~60 mins)
  • auxiliary reads (Biography (Bruce Lee)) (~40 mins)
  • Lunch (=37 mins (timed it))(doing one big meal a day)
  • writing(~20 mins)(excluding now)
  • Speed reading practice (~30 mins)
  • configuring emacs (~30 mins)
  • personal administrative work (~30mins)
  • nap (~25 mins)
  • social interactions (~20 mins)

I started my day late today (around 8 am) and I am writing this as of 8:40 pm

Due to the current experiments(given up music and no visual entertainment) undertaken by me : I am left with no choice other than to write about how I feel as of now.

Usually I would relax back and enjoy some sitcom or a movie or go for a night walk with a podcast(temporarily invalid choices) or call a friend (still a viable option) but documenting moments like these is important.

Consuming this much text in a day does make me go like I don’t want to read anymore for the day. I don’t like reading fiction yet so that is not an option and definitely feel too tired to learn something new or read about some other esoteric subject for future pursuance.

I do recall casually thinking a few weeks ago :
Given that one makes sure to take care of all wellness related activities (sleep, workouts, nap, nutrition, et cetera) and then puts in all that is left into conventional priorities not indulging into what is presumably a waste of time , could induce one burnout ?

Well .. No (as of now), one can’t : one’s just tired and needs to have hobbies for such moments that rejuvenate rather than require a conscious effort. That is why I’m considering learning an instrument : I am attracted to pianos the most but I don’t have one on me now and probably will have to adjust with a keyboard for a few years until I get my own place. Drawing is attractive too but I’m sure that isn’t going to be refreshing until I put in some practice (I did take keyboard classes for 3 years when I was 10 years old so picking stuff up again should be relatively easier). Writing is my best option right now: writing feels nice. But I want to explore more possibilities. Also thinking of finding new subjects that emerge from a combination of pre-existing ones : making up subjects for fun sounds fun. Even more fun would be naming them.

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