Symbols and customized cryptography

Cryptography, in the mathematical sense, is used in many domains but semiotics (the theory of symbols) is a more powerful personalized approach to encoding messages.

The mathematics bounds the subject to be used only via rigid analytical systems and not fluid malleable ones. I’ve found the latter to be more interesting in terms of application and what happens in the real world.

It can be as simple as creating a new domain specific language or reinterpreting old symbols via existing texts. Messages than can be passed on with n-dimensional coordinates that are sensitive to the time of transmission.

The use of fluid symbols that range across multiple senses(vision, audio, smell or their combinations) makes it possible to bypass the limited safeguards of digital algorithms.

What’s more interesting is identifying such patterns when you’re defending such a threat. You may not know the math but the sheer creativity to make distant connections (be they phonetic, visual or based on specific memories of the receiver) do result in a very interesting game.

Protecting one’s personal information on the internet. Most of us do use social media in an unaware manner and with patterns that leave us vulnerable to social engineering tricks that a malicious entity may exploit for personal gains. Although, I do watch a lot of movies and might be classified as having mastered inducing paranoia when needed (I’ve had a lot of false alarms in the past but now they’re under control), this line of thought does hold some merit. Your data probably won’t be leaked in mass exploits but with some more minimal specific effort. It is indeed possible to get an informational advantage over anyone.

Now, I don’t blackmail people for secrets I retain or things I’ve observed unknowingly, but people like that do exist (take my sister for instance) : I’ve been threatened by her in the past regarding plans that I couldn’t explain to her in the moment (they could’ve been blueprints for a weapon of mass-destruction or a solution to a pseudo-infinite energy source, according to her) and needed time to explain. This is why I began maintaining a social media presence: only so that my maniacal plans for overtaking Saturn could be shielded under the facade of seeming normal (no one is normal but everyone pretends they are, in society : “fitting in” is a dangerous disease).

This is why I’ve started creating personalized horcruxes (not for parts of my soul) all over the places I visit to lock a memory in there which denotes some specific task that is left for me to accomplish, specific to that location. Sometimes, humans, given they aren’t used to such unusual behavior assume the worst and think that I’m up to something evil. I do like the idea of being perceived as a villain but I’m really into the whole persona of taking over the world (what’s next, It’ll be boring very quickly) and consider myself more of a vigilante (this helps me hone my detective skills while still being able to leverage societal establishments).

What’s more interesting is, instead of leaving your own symbols, you can start assigning customized interpretations to omnipresent symbols. You have to do this in a very aware manner, otherwise you risk misinterpreting “reality” when it’s not trying to convey anything.

Humans do this in very simple ways these days. I rarely find someone else who understands what I’m trying to say with 5 minutes of explanation. What holds them back is generally their own lack of open-mindedness for hypothetical conspiracy theories.

The more books one reads, the more of this customized semiotics one can employ to communicate thoughts of greater complexity and magnitude. Encoding large messages is something that is fun only if there’s someone to understand those messages. This is why I choose to explain my actions via this blog : to create contacts that can sustain amazing conversations.

Most of the good observations I’ve had are with people who’re willing to entertain far-fetched ideas. In the end, we do end up consolidating to a practical projection of whatever we discussed and leave with a sense of awe as to what the human brain is capable of given the right counterpart to argue with.

As of now, I’m working on building my skills privately so I’m only encoding complex thoughts for my future self to rediscover sometime soon.

It does help in maintaining a healthy level of gamification in this era of inherited responsibilities.