I’m interesting in learning all that interests me in the moment. That usually results me in not being able to deliver for the sake of going under the hood and understanding the nature of the given problem.

Most practical problems do not have an end to the extent to which one can detail the model which they’ll use to solve it. It is a waste of energy and time. Writing down what I’m going to do about a problem in my life helps me stick to my plans and not go around in circles.

I rarely deviate from what I write down and it helps me cut down my pursuits in what is really essential and helps me get my priorities straight.


Writing regularly does help in deciding whether an idea you encounter in the moment is worth pursuing. Whenever I’ve dropped the habit for considerable amounts of time, I’ve noticed that I get excited by ideas of similar nature only to realize that it was a fork of something that I’ve already explored.

I’m not that good at remembering specificities of a good problem I’ve delved into before hand because I like the approach more than the solution itself and enjoy the process of developing an approach than just knowing how to go around it. With regular documentation of my ideas, I get to maintain a high-level hash-table into the kinds of generic problems I’ve encountered in the past. I do not have to sift through past experiences whenever dealing with a new scenario and a scan of my articles helps me get my head straight about the best course of action with minimal resource overheads (time and compute (stress)).

Ranting space

I do understand that everyone is dealing with their own issues at any point of time. Without a structured outlet for frustration about this imperfect world (that would be a dull world so all’s fine), I tend to vent out in places where it’s no use. It might even pollute someone’s mentality in the moment and usually results in the loss of a potentially constructive conversation.

I am that guy who likes to talk with everyone at a party and I would rather talk about what’s new an progressing in my life than what’s immutably wrong about it.

I am that guy who doesn’t like talking about myself much (cause It’s boring now (there’s too much to talk about)), so if I do face repetitive inquiries about what’s happening in my life, I’ll just write down a post and shoot a vlog to go along with it: now I can forward a link instead of explaining myself again.

Now, when I meet someone, I’m more willing to talk about what’s up with their life and not be pressed to give updates about mine.


Life can be a inevitably (although temporarily) dull sometimes and this is when regular writing helps me reinterpret what’s around me in better ways and not lose the bigger picture.

I also tend to lose myself when writing and that results in the satisfying kind of serendipity. I do not curate my posts and do not care about any linguistic mistakes I make here.

I also don’t care about any punctuation and the tone of what I’m conveying. It’s all possible because these posts aren’t intended for anyone.

Cyber-security and a sense of self

I am an extrovert by nature and have carefully developed the superpower of enjoying solitude. I used to be that kind of guy who refrained from using social media cause there’s too many restrictions as to what you can say and how people interpret it. Now, I use social media to stay up-to-date with what other’s are up to in their lives so we don’t waste time with small talk and get to the philosophically heavy stuff right away.

Having an im-proctorable (this probably isn’t a word) personal space on the internet allows people to know my true self whenever they see me throwing tantrums and arguing on other parts of the internet.

Whenever I blog here, the only rule I follow is to be honest. I do mess around with friends and adversaries on social media but don’t write anything that I cannot not vouch for in a heated debate in my blogs.

It allows me to maintain a healthy sense of self while being able to comfortably lose myself when other’s are putting on a facade.
I honestly am incapable for lying for a prolonged duration and would rather address a conflict as early as possible rather than unnecessarily stretching it out.

So to all who read this, I use my social media handles for well-defined purposes and don’t interact with anyone with complete honesty out there. I’m not there to express myself (that makes you socially engineerable (this again isn’t a word)).

Now one could psycho-analyze me via this blog as well, but this is a premeditated way to express myself: I have asserted implicit rules here as well. So good luck trying to figure out what’s in my head.

The best way to safe-guard yourself from telepathy - I’ve only discovered this recently - is to fill your head with all kinds of superficial noise while having secret back-doors to your true self.

Accelerate my learning pursuits

This the big one. There’s no better way to educate yourself than to start blogging about that particular topic when you’re an amateur.

An amateur’s mistakes and reinterpretation of past actions are a much better teacher than the advice of an experienced individual.

Honestly, I’m the break first, consolidate later kind of guy. I don’t like overthinking my actions and writing helps me accumulate experience from past mistakes and make more new ones.

I’m here to make as many different mistakes as possible and don’t give a damn if the warnings aren’t scary enough.

Philosophical base for my creations

I usually personify my creations and converse with inanimate objects to find out what’s wrong (may the force be with me). Consequently, whatever I create must also be to communicate my incentives if it is to meet like-minded humans in the future.


  • I don’t care about correctness unless I explicitly say so.
  • I tend to entertain ideas for questionably long amounts of time so some of the posts might be unnecessarily verbose.
  • I don’t care about grammar and punctuation.
    • I create my own languages.
      • judge me if you can.