[2022-10-03 Mon 05:48]

I do enjoy blogging in terms of streams, while keeping it discrete enough for convenient rereads.

- will be initializing a daily stream that I initialize every
  morning and end at the end of every day.  
- timestamps somehow increase my awareness of time and delegate
  the stress of time-management to the computer.  
  - feels like a very simple productivity hack.  
- I borderline feel like Mark Watney from "Martian".  
- story-telling is an interesting art I'd like to improve in on
  the sidelines and logging has been an accelerator for the same
  in the past.  
- there is not much value in one entry, but, accumulate them over a
  large span of time and you have something interesting.  
- taking a break from intense physical workouts for a week and
  solidifying some core work rituals (for programming, studying,
  reading and writing) for the next year or so.  
- will still be walking with podcasts so my body will get some
  much needed rest.  
- I do need to decouple my workouts from the productivity aspect
  of my work; they definitely elevate my efficiency but sometimes,
  I just enjoy going all in with work and finishing off major
- Finishing of the books "Practical Common Lisp" and "Fluent
  Python" in the following week.  
- I keep my studies independent from my work and going forward, will be
  getting into "Let Over Lambda" and "Hacking: The art of exploitation".
- My casual reading pursuits include finishing off Taleb's "Incerto" series
  in the coming weeks.  
	  - will be reviving my speed reading skills
	  - quite a controversial topic in the reading community
	  - will be writing about this in detail soon to lay out what
        it is down to the core.
	  - it definitely gets a bad rep due to it being somewhat of a
	  - I hate misnomers: I used to redefine words on my old blog
        but this time, I'm thinking of sticking to the bounds of
        the language I'm using and not creating novel words.
	  - will be efficient in the long term.
- Reading and writing are activities that do not provide you a
  benefit in the short term but definitely pay off in the generic
  wisdom and awareness you gain over the longer term.
- This is something the society doesn't acknowledge yet.
- We technically can capture knowledge with success within technical textbooks but
  we haven't really dialed down on what can really encapsulates
- 0x2000 is coming soon and will mark a new phase of my life : I'm
  done with 8192 days and I'll be entering 0x3000 in my early
  - Writing with timestamps is like creating a time capsule.
  - It allows you to move on from the past without holding on to
  - You've neatly indexed your memories and incentives (which can
    easily be manipulated by circumstances in the future). 
	- does delegate away the stress in defining who you are.
	- That sounds good to me.
- still need to restructure the site a little...
- need to backup all my past work and documents in a smarter way
- already initialized system logs for maintaing progress as a descriptive
  function of time: for backtracks and identifying where things
  went wrong in the long run.
- have reinitialized my rough observation journals and am building
  that curiosity again.
- It does get you in trouble sometimes, but, well, life's boring
	- A little trouble sounds good to me.