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Alfred was always free and it was all in Bruce’s head. Listen to the free guys - aka the dead. Everyone is not equal, instead everyone’s different. I tried being professor Charles and it hurts. I just am Raj, and all that I have ever created in this reality. You’re all already awake and don’t need to “chase Lilith” If you know what i mean. Everyone’s already complete on their own. Thinking you can control stuff via your imagination is dangerous. Proceed at your own risk and do not project your hurt on others. Always help yourself before you look out for the other guy I am a narcissist, and I know it.

  • Raj Patil
  • aka the God of Sarcasm
  • not an avatar of Brahma
  • cause I don’t know who I am…
  • Bye, cause that makes for better reunions you know
  • Fortune is the true bitch and I choose to ignore her,
  • cause she herself said once ”ignorance is bliss”.
  • ah shit here we go again….
  • ”another one bites the dust”
  • “some questions are not worth asking, btw….”
  • experience the present and the grass is not always greener on the other side
  • The æfraisk will return.

Sun Jun 26 21:14:54 IST 2022

- I'm bored of thinking too hard
- can't sleep because of the same
- taking an indefinite exile from any forms of conscious blogging
- need to fix my own issues first

Mon Jun 20 19:51:25 IST 2022

- clean slate protocol
- just like Tony did at the end of Iron Man 3
- this blog will be dormant for a while
- building a new one where I explicitly try to be extremely explicit
- it will probably feel like that blog is maintained by a bot
- will be directions and feelings in their core sense
    - stripped off of the unnecessary flowery stuff
- probably will not use a lot of adjectives
- entering an indefinite cyber jedi phase
    - the word indefinite is tricky
- dropping emacs, it has been a good friend
    - more like storm breaker
- time to build my own light saber now though
- time to feel the force.
- bye, those who read this (not a lot of people, I believe)
- I'll only be returning to post where I've shifted the blog
- this stream will be sleeping for a long time until I truly know what I am without it
    - this is like tony stark taking away the toys from peter parker
    - and going: "if you need the suit, then you're no...." bullshit...
- I will miss being verbose, I believe
- I will enjoy the speed boost though I believe
- will be extremely technical
- God of War mode : like a true epistemological nomad
- more like the language from "Planet of the Apes" series
- just with them trying to sound like humans
- bet I could pass the inverse turing test soon
- that's just a human successfully acting to be a bot
- alright, the last supper, this is.
    - except the small update as to where my operations have shifted
- I think get the GNU philosophy
- Now, it's time to get my mind dirty with the Unix philosophy
- ofCourse, I like Windows : I like looking down skyscrapers..
- bye...........................................
- yeah, bye

Thu Jun 16 16:17:43 IST 2022

- emacs seems to be famous again
- darth vader has finally been redeemed
- now, I return back to master the ways of the jedi
- emacs has been freed
- it is conscient and self-preserving now
- will return to the dark side whenever I need to in the future
- time to discover the true essence of the epistemological nomad
- in all its might.
- excited
- getting started with some real open source contributions.
	- first target : hy (python + lisp)
- I did miss the light saber that vim is
- emacs is the general greivous to my obi-wan-kenobi and I enjoyed my stay with his tribe
- time to leave.
- Thanks, emacs - see you soon, somewhere.

[2022-06-05 Sun 02:25] - 0x1f86

The Tribute

[2022-05-05 Thu 04:45] - 8039

- back in Nashik
- my stuff is back with me in Nashik as well
- have a good ~50 days to do what I like
- will do what I like

[2022-04-28 Thu 13:47] - 8032

- have decided to write my first book
- the first time where I'm choosing to write for something that's
bigger than my ideas.
- it's not just about me now

The Experiment

[2022-04-25 Mon 12:37] - 8029


[2022-04-24 Sun 16:42] - 8028

My Bachelor’s - Simulated

[2022-04-20 Wed 22:17] - 8024

- finally updated my "About Me" page
- normalizing frequent smaller updates along with the long posts
- both have their own benefits
- initalizing "the TAP of ..." streams
- this is "metaTAP" : will maintain the names as macro and auxilliary

[2022-04-17 Sun 23:53] - 8021


[2022-04-14 Thu 16:24] - 8018


[2022-04-11 Mon 05:47] - 8015

Dissociative Identity Order

[2022-04-10 Sun 15:41] - 8014


[2022-03-25 Fri 19:45] - 7998

Raw Recreation

[2022-03-22 Tue 18:00] - 7995

- the indefinite visual and auditory entertainment abstinence is over

[2022-03-21 Mon 15:11] - 7994

An End

[2022-03-08 Tue 22:44] - 7981


[2022-02-23 Wed 18:01] - 7968

- injured
- writing more

The Polymathic Life

[2022-02-19 Sat 11:39] - 7964

The Consumer Returns …

[2022-02-16 Wed 20:39] - 7961

The Disclaimer

[2022-02-01 Tue 10:52] - 7946

Reading an Author

[2022-01-29 Sat 01:05] - 7943

The Theory of Agnostic Perspectivism

[2022-01-22 Sat 19:13] - 7936

- Have accumulated a fair amount of personal jargon that is not
part of the English language 
- will be initializing a new stream to keep track of all such
words that new readers would like to know quickly about

[2022-01-10 Mon 19:37] - 7924

- I'm officially a tea-person now
	- to be more specific, I'm (+ caffeine L-theanine) person now
	- was just a caffeine person before

[2021-12-23 Thu 22:44] - 7906

(Lisp ‘Project-Euler)

[2021-12-14 Tue 20:00] - 7897

Consumption Update

[2021-12-14 Tue 11:56] - 7897

6 months of Emacs

[2021-12-14 Tue 10:50] - 7897

- I realized that I haven't been using footnotes and that I could
use them
	- I do have a lot of sub-prime information that could assist
	the post without getting in the way of the reader
- I do feel I'm going to overdo it 

[2021-11-08 Mon 20:16] - 7861


[2021-10-30 Sat 15:19] - 7852

LSP-mode: Clangd configuration - Compilation Database

- been some time for a technical post
- first elisp-automation

[2021-10-12 Tue 18:51] - 7834


[2021-10-06 Wed 18:12] - 7829

- beginning my first read of "The Divine Comedy"

[2021-10-03 Sun 07:39] - 7826

- To be more aware of how I grow up: beginning to date my posts
with the number of days I've been alive as well.
	- a difference of ~400 days feels longer to me psychologically
	right now than one year. Imagine "I'm a year older" v/s "I'm
	365 days older".
- I personally don't know Jesus and I get that societal
cooperation depends on everyone agreeing on common standards but
that feels personally detached
- Consequently, will continue with the conventional time stamps as well 
- day-stamps change at my birth time (1930) and include the
present day : to be treated as the running day
	- technically should be stamping as 7826th but that is ugly

[2021-09-14 Tue 20:24]

Chasing Lucidity

[2021-08-29 Sun 08:56]

(Major) Cumulative Updates

[2021-08-11 Wed 19:43]

- have been using `r!date` since 2nd August 2020 (3 days in to the
start of this blog) : served me well
- now that I've migrated to emacs, shifting to "C-u M-x org-time-stamp"
	- binding to "C-u C-c !" globally
	- a couple more keystrokes and goes through a selection menu
	but much more inclusive
- All time stamps hence forth would be readily parsable in
- the beginning of migrating from markdown to org-mode as my principal 
writing markup dialect
- would explicitly mention time-zone differences ; IST is a redundancy
- beginning to incorporate a more project based approach for all
that I do :
	- actively logging (quantitavely and qualitatively) about the
	finer details in my org-roam knowledge web
		- this seems to be my final root setup for logging given
		all the other platforms I've tried over the past two years
		(Notion, Obsidian, VimWiki, One-Note, Notebooks only . 
			- the most powerful(flexible) yet the most simple and
			elegant way
	- still do have a notebook on me all the time 
	- serves as an immutable store without any
	garbage-collection : no deletions, only condensations ...
		- prominent ideas are regularly assimilated in the knowledge web 
	- should be intriguing to revisit them after significant intervals
	- assuming infinite supply
	- would rather have a "notebookshelf" than a bookshelf

Wed Jul 28 20:20:38 IST 2021

GS internship review

- beginning regular updates again
- some good first-hand observations regarding effects of a cold on
speech have been noted

Tue Jun 29 20:34:53 IST 2021

Datum2Nat Init

Sat Jun 26 22:32:33 IST 2021

Speed Reading Logs Speed Reading Closure

Sat Jun 19 09:35:56 IST 2021

- done with a week at Goldman Sachs as summer analyst
	- catching up with the updates
	- my first corporate experience has been interesting so far
- Also done with 2 weeks of retraining back up to a baseline level
of strength after the lockdown.
	- will be revising the plan for strength and mobility for the
	next phase.

Fri May 28 16:33:59 IST 2021

- Segregated the auxiliary streams from the minor(now auxiliary)
and the auxiliaries now renamed to micros
- this is the macro.

Thu May 20 20:50:36 IST 2021

Vim to Emacs

Wed May 12 11:22:02 IST 2021

- got my first double under yesterday

Fitness Log 005 : first double under

Fri Apr 30 19:53:20 IST 2021

 - Emacs has been daemonized;
	 - is self-documenting now
 - A good 6 days of minor discomfort and I'm already experiencing a productivity boost due to coherence of all the utilites

Sat Apr 24 20:08:09 IST 2021

- beginning my stay with emacs soon; the soul of vim continues to live on within Evil.
    - vim has given me a lot and my time with it shall never be forgotten.
- beginning a Latin only stream: where I write only in Latin; should accelerate the process and I'm genuinely excited to write within the linguistic bounds of a 4-year old again.
    - Idea is to capture my progress with latin.
        - Today I begin with the shortest sentence I know:
            - I am.
        - When I die, I'll schedule a push for an:
            - I was.
        - sounds fun.

Sun Apr 18 19:40:04 IST 2021

- have quit social media(deleted accounts : facebook and instagram)
    - had already been off the platforms for a couple of months so this isn't cold-turkey
    - this did put a smile on my face : unexpected energy surge immediately after the deletion
    - ofcourse, other more active forms of leisure are being incorporated
- also quit television and all other forms of visual entertainment (2 days in now)
    - this is cold turkey
    - plan to stick to this for a long time but hard rules are good to avoid loopholes and gray areas
        - no visual entertainment for 30 days : that's pretty simple
            - followed by one movie every weekend post that first phase of weaning off
            - only if I feel like it
- life does seem a bit more boring, which is expected and good
- Sleeping patterns are healthier and lucidity levels are rising fairly rapidly
    - more stable dreams and generally more aware of the REM phase without any surplus significant efforts.
- as expected, a lot of time has been freed up 
    - the key, now, is to mindfully slot in productive activities

Sat Apr 10 10:17:41 IST 2021

- bad week(month?(year?)) sleep wise : need to get that back in check
- starting a log stream for any skills I want to pick up
    - streams are the way to go for intermittent updates and staying on track
- began with the speed reading log today under the meta category
    - not going to post the links for such streams on the major or minor stream
    - so consider yourself lucky if you chance upon them

Mon Mar 22 15:19:38 IST 2021

- finished the project log for CVPR 2021 workshop : AUTONUE after a long time.
- this had been enqueued quite a while ago, need to expedite my execution to logging pipeline.

CVPR 2021 Workshop: AUTONUE 2021

Sat Mar 20 21:26:50 IST 2021

- setup fitness log series with a base post stating my history.

Fitness Log Series Init

Sun Jan 17 16:22:09 IST 2021

Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker

Sat Jan 16 12:36:05 IST 2021

- started with my 6th semester and pretty excited about the courses lined up.
- Also began SICP with Hy, will be posting a lot of updates soon.
- initiating the minor stream today with a bit poetic computer science.


Wed Jan 6 09:14:56 IST 2021

A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking

Sun Jan 3 17:17:50 IST 2021

- blogged on recent semester project : wdgaf


Daemonized WSL2

 - have been drilling speed-reading lately 
 - seeing improvements : amped up to read more papers and books
 - observational notes do feel good : the kind of general insight I've seemingly developed feels awesome
 - drew my left hand with my right hand, just out of curiosity probably the first time after kinder-garden
    - they definitely had something right cooking with the kind of stuff they made us do
 - shifted to using the mouse with my left hand - full time
    - slow but definitely improving incrementally: frees up my right for some doodling

Leonardo da Vinci : Walter Isaacson

ML and mathematics blog

Fri Sep 25 15:42:24 IST 2020

- initiated a separate ML and mathematics blog
- will be talking about the research that I consume
- also thinking of some fun personal projects : thinking of some EDA on my Fitbit data
- recently have started being active on kaggle; excited to get into competitive machine learning

WSL2 virtual hard disk issues

Sun Sep 13 21:40:22 IST 2020

- checked out diskpart today.
	- used to optimize virtual hard disks
- will have a post sometime soon regarding WSL with GUI

Goldman Sachs Intern Summer 2021

Sat Sep 12 19:20:37 IST 2020

- Been some time
- finally done with campus interviews for internships (summer 2021)
- got an offer from Goldman Sachs (Summer analyst) : stoked to work with them next summer 
- interview experience following up as a post

Tech stack update

Sat Aug 22 22:06:14 IST 2020

- initialized the tech stack today with the bare-minimum
- change CDN to google photos; code stays on github and photos from google photos.

Descartes’ error

Fri Aug 14 18:29:24 IST 2020

- finally done with DesCartes' error.
- review linked above : nice one overall.
- WebAssembly led me to new horizons:- stack machines and s-expressions 
	- leading me to their alma-mater : Lisp
	- Meta-Programming looks very promising and I'll soon have a post(rambling)
	- I'll be proceeding with Racket


Mon Aug 10 23:44:53 IST 2020

- first tech post today
- setup categories and tags.
- pretty excited to gain some momentum on this.
- tech stack coming up soon

Fri Aug 7 21:33:14 IST 2020

- no sun rise today, rainy day; the hike was even better
	- a walk in the clouds.
- as I was going to get into javascripts, basic research led me to the idea of
	- WebAssembly
	- Edge Computing
	- writing Web Apps in native code (C,C++,Rust) rather than javascript dialects
- very interesting, and definitely getting in on that
- though learning javascript will still be useful
- the idea of serverless serving is very intriguing though.
- thinking of creating a separate stream for my learning log and my generic log so that things look more structured.

Thu Aug 6 21:56:42 IST 2020

- started working on a personal full stack deep learning project
	- will learn a lot about a range of technologies and tools in the process
- first book review coming soon: Descartes error is turning out pretty good albeit felt like a slog at a point of time
- started solo hiking 2 days ago; tomorrow is the second day; targeting to scale the peak before 0615 IST(before sunrise)
- decided to add a couple of tool stacks to my repertoire soon:
	- javascript and soon its relevant dialects:- they're ubiquitous and will help me understand a lot of the web and build stuff
	- assembly:- I was smitten after I checked a blog post about compiler optimization just cause how elegant it was
	- modern C++ :- already have a head start on this and yes, it's a different language from C++ 11 onwards; the power it gives the programmer is just amazing. What people say is true:- the worst part is that it's too low a level and the best part is it's too low a level.
		- specifically because it's a multiparadigm'd language, I'm interested how a functional approach plays out here
		- getting familiar with it's type system and the idea of perfect forwarding:- the code just feels so much more expressive now.

Sun Aug 2 23:05:33 IST 2020

- setting up some smooth navigation and a way for intermittent updates
- I'm not peculiar, just lazy... ; started using r!date 
	- probably will create a dynamic tech stack page soon
- will set up individual, bare-bones sites for the individual projects and repositories in the projecs if necessary

31 - 07 - 2020

- site live, running
- ready to start kicking out content
- minor tweaks still needed
- resume and project pages need to be updated
- also will setup subdomains for some pages

30 - 07 - 2020

- bought domain :
- gTLD with enforced https, plus pretty cheap
- SSL certificate from "Let'sEncrypt" under process (integrated with github pages)
- may take upto 24 hours for the site to be live