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Things that don’t fit in, fit here.

Fri May 7 14:55:37 IST 2021

  • Have been listening to a lot of instrumental and lofi beats while working recently
  • Given that I have no other major rythmic externalities in the day : I start to subconsciously get in sync with the same
  • be it:
    • walking around
    • chewing food
    • typing periodicity
    • breathing
  • happens even when I’m not listening
  • have to avoid lyrical and listen to the same kind of music for this though : or lyrical on loop but that’s not my thing
  • Will read up on literature about this sometime soon

Wed Apr 28 21:16:18 IST 2021

  • Did test out the hypothesis pondered upon the last time
  • Doubled the amount of ice : 2 kilos in 15 liters(eyeballing the amount of water)
    • maybe should look into better techniques for eyeballing things
      • just a stream where I assert numerical claims I can’t testify explicitly sounds nice.
    • note that freezing time matters
      • 24 hours gives big solid blocks
      • 12 hours not so much : not frozen all the way through
    • Equilibrium corresponds a mixture
  • This also means that I can more accurately claim that I bathe with water at 0 degrees
  • Final shape has a very sharp circular brim corresponding to the open half of the freezing (cylindrical) utensil
    • Like a container : a transperent mug - well that’s a glass made of glass
      • but this one melts
  • So not really symmetric about the horizontal plane as I had hypothesized
  • The local freezing choronology matters:
    • Hypothesizing with prior knowledge:
      • Top first and seep down the bottom
        • but then why does the top melt the first giving a containerish appearance
        • To verify this, will have to describe the freezing patterns and the resultant cracks
    • Maybe should lookup what impurities are actually present in the tap water and how do they really affect the fluid’s thermodynamics.

Wed Apr 14 18:53:11 IST 2021

Have been taking ice baths for a month now and noticed something interesting today.

  • Prior : I use around a kilo of ice - a cylinder, frozen for 12 hours (two baths a day) : used to cool down around 15 litres of water @ room temperature
  • notice the final sphere of ice melting in a mug under well lit conditions
    • small air packets slowly rise up from around the sphere : I freeze tap water : Impurities are a factor
  • also notice that irrespective of the initial shape of a solid block of ice (solid the all way through, usually on day when I miss a shower(the cylinder has been frozen for a good 24 hours)), the final melting shape is always somewhat spherical
  • what if equilibrium corresponded to a mixture of the two states?
    • there could be multiple shapes with the same masses of the states
    • what is the affinity of each of these configurations?
      • energy wise, a spherical shape seems best because that promotes a similar equilibrium at all localities on the ice
        • caveat : for very large blocks of ice (ice bergs), the temperature gradient set off due to convection might play a role : that should make things more “eggish”
          • big-endian or little-endian is another issue : I hypothesize big endian (top first)

Sat Mar 13 21:26:48 IST 2021

Dust is made up of a lot of dead skin.
Two days ago, seated on my couch, gulping a protein shake in the golden 8 AM sunlight after a good workout, I noticed these funny little structures flaoting around. Everyone knows that’s dust, but I’m not here to write to let people know.
One thing that stuck with me post Leonardo’s biography was observing and reasoning about stuff for fun.

Here are some observations about dust:-

  • It comes in all shapes and sizes. Some like a cork-screw, some straight as a french fry, some as small as a point.
  • They move differently. They make fluid motion observable.
    • It moves slowly up from sun-lit surfaces, being replaced by particles from the shade : That’s convection.
  • If you try to play with the air your hands and are attentive : you might have your own turbulent flow wind tunnel; you could observe Bernoulli’s Principle (I recall using it in one of my science fair exhibitions: brought two cans together with a bang just by blowing air between them with a straw)
  • If you rub your index finger and thumb slowly and with great pressure, you could see a wavy (sinusoid like) soot-like substance rising up in the air : good lighting conditions are needed for this.

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