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Sun Jul 11 21:35:39 IST 2021

  • I bought a keyboard around a week ago
  • following “Fundamentals of Music Theory” by University of Edinburgh on Coursera
  • also learning via a lot of online resources
    • a notable one being Zebra-keys
  • I played the keyboard for a couple of years when I was around 10 years old but never discovered music as a whole along with it.
    • starting as a beginner this time and current goal is to get the basics right and approach an instructor when I need customized guidance
  • practicing around 30 mins on weekdays and around an hour on the weekends.
  • even practicing something mediocre feels better than listening to something great.
    • opinions about this were initially addressed here
  • this serves as a stream regarding whatever I learn and find interesting over the years
  • Along with the basics of music theory, I’ve been focusing on getting comfortable with the arrangement and the structural relations of the keyboard as a whole
    • one may memorize where a C falls and continue calculating other notes from there on-wards but that quickly becomes a bottle neck and so I’ve been practicing caching all the keys and their relative positions directly in my mind by playing a randomly asked note. I’m also learning sheet music along the way and still rely upon landmark notes and abbreviations so those relations are what I intend to imprint collectively in my senses
      • A typical relation set would be:
        • a particular note(textual)
        • relative position of that note on the keyboard
        • its staff notation
        • the optimal fingering depending upon the context
        • how the note sounds on a particular octave
      • one could use a random note generator like the one in python below to deliberately index into these senses
import time
import random
import art

notes = ['A','B','C','D','E','F','G']


except KeyboardInterrupt:
    print("Terminating process")
  • this first log is an accumulation of thoughts over the past 4 days and hence longer than the expected future log




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