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Thu Apr 22 09:17:25 IST 2021

Lockdown Adaption

Mon Apr 12 19:02:53 IST 2021

Dual Screen Presentations

Fitness Log 003 : Running

Wed Mar 31 15:58:59 IST 2021

- reprogramming training routing around prehab, f-log 002 posted
- done with, the first pass of the 4-hour body, beginning with "The Zen in the Art of Writing" by Ray Bradbury

Handling Asymmetries

Wed Mar 24 21:01:42 IST 2021

- updated lower back injury log (001) with recovery status
- cook my dinner almost daily now : seems like a waste of time but podcasts/audiobooks help
- Reading "The 4-Hour Body" by Tim Ferris: higlights a lot of hackish ways around peculiarities of the human body: good read.

Tue Mar 23 08:03:00 IST 2021

- lower back injury details : fitness log 001

Fitness Log 001

Sat Mar 13 22:08:08 IST 2021

- Recently received my final offer letter for the position of Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs
- will be commencing a series of blog posts about my experiences with the firm and my first ever professional work experience in general.
- building the habit of writing again

Writing past

Fri Mar 12 23:29:42 IST 2021

- going to developing a strong habit of writing.
- albeit may be foolish, want to start pumping out content regarding my experiences in general.
    - most of it will go on the minor stream...

Sat Jan 16 12:35:48 IST 2021

- on numbers...