Writing Past

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I like writing. I would like to get good at it.
Writing about anything feels good. Consequently, I’m going to use my minor stream to practice this skill and also post my observations, fitness updates and meta-physical thoughts, albethey (pluralized albeit?) some kind of brain-vomit.

A bit of History

2000 - 2016

Up until March 2016 (IGCSE board examinations), I used to write only for grades. I built up a decent vocabulary just to show off and didn’t feel like I was patient enough to grasp the beauty of linguistics and communication. I also wasn’t very well and wide read.

2016 - 2018

This was the JEE phase and my command over the language perished to a certain extent as I continued to specialize in analytical subjects and had no further motivation to articulate my thoughts for someone. I did miss the intellectual stimulation one experiences by structuring thoughts elegantly within the constructs of a language. By the Way, I’m a fairly proficient poly-lingual : I know Marathi, Gujurathi, English, and French. Other than that I do wish to keep on adding to the list.

2018 - 2019

Decided to diversify my interests and began reading: mostly ebooks on my phone : read around 7 books.

2019 - 2020

This is when I began fantasizing the idea of being a writer. I was whetting my philosophical appetite and began a blog named MindMuscleMatrix (Yes, that didn’t sound cheesy then) where I wrote about metaphysics. This is when I first began producing creative content without any external motives. My writing style was still pretty artificial and things didn’t flow well, but it was a start. I’ve stopped funding the domain but I’ll repost that content sometime soon in the archives under this domain just for a record. I wanted to impress people in this phase : managed to get only 5 big posts in a period of 5 months if I recall correctly. The content was mediocre at best and I still felt like it was a chore. I was trying to tend to the audiences. That didn’t last long. One good consequence was that I got into the habit of reading a lot (read 30 books in this year).


Now, I’m trying to build the habit of writing again, just for the sake of it and for fun. I already have been maintaining fairly hysterical observational logs about anything and everthing for the past 6 months. This time around, I’m here only for the joy of writing. I still suck though, and that , I’m here to change.

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