On Normalcy

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[2021-09-06 Mon 05:34]

Post a 5-day quarantine period, I’m back at my old dorm room. Getting back in a community of somewhat like-minded humans with diversified tastes feels good. One does get jealous, in a healthy manner, listening to the varied endeavors ones’ colleagues partake in. It does make you question your acceptance of the self-imposed fact that “You are doing enough”. Productivity levels rise as you can actively observe others around you investing into the grind, while relaxation settles down with a new connotation : conversations when we dine and snack. These are things I did before a screen for a long time. Given the kind of person I am, I can soon see myself getting accustomed to this as well and complaining about how I can be more efficient. Sounds nice to be apparently aware of the future..

My batch(18-22) spent a good ~1.5 years of our life, that were meant to be spent away from parents, with our parents. Video calls, chats and any other media can only go so far in terms of being conducive of an organic conversation. Now that we are together, all the “water-cooler” conversations taken for granted before and shunned for the sake of efficiency, perceivably, seem to be doing the opposite : they seem to lead to deeper conversations and to the exchange of high-level ideas that one does not get by researching themselves.

Your friends, when conversing about a thing they’ve explored, do so in hindsight : and one is lead there organically, with insignificant active “nudgement”. Sure you can get into podcasts for “organicity” but the ability to participate, and interrupt, and question right away is priceless.

Still adapting to the new old normal again with some awareness… Writing first thing in the morning as the university gym opens at 0600 and my circadian rhythms are still tuned to 0450. Not sure if intellectual pre-workouts are effective, will find out..



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