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I encounter a lot of exciting tools one could benefit knowing about, skills that would be fun to master and new fields that are interesting. Some of them are worth it, some are not.
An active log over time helps place things in context and evaluate ones that worth pursuing given my condition.

This is an active queue annotating the entities w.r.t their current progress.By this I hope to: - increase awareness about what I currently have on my plate and if there is room for more - not forget things that I once found to be interesting and simply did not follow up on - filter out a specks that would not be of any use in the close future - Is that entity just a new candy I happen to want which will only make me fat and sloppy. - incorporate the much needed discipline concerning my attitude towards novel things that I lack right now


Entity Type Time
Latin IN mid Apr 2021
Emacs IN end Apr 2021
Double Unders IN end Apr 2021
Speed Reading IN beg Apr 2021
Emacs OUT Thu May 6 21:37:08 IST 2021
Elisp IN Thu May 6 21:54:55 IST 2021


 - have been thinking about this for long
 - interested in etymologies, so a natural choice
 - following the series by Hans Oberg : Lingua Latina

Double Unders

- fairly orthogonal to all else that I do
    - won't affect other stuff
- help up the level of my cardio

Speed Reading

- the most meta I can get to improve all that I do
- requires a lot of diligence : gets boring but gotta stick through


- will migrate from zsh to eshell sometime soon : rash (racket) seems like a viable option as well
- living on a Lisp machine all day sounds nice 


Entity Type Time
One Arm Pushups IN Thu May 6 21:38:01 IST 2021
C++ IN Fri May 7 09:56:49 IST 2021
Assembly Programming IN Fri May 7 10:04:19 IST 2021


- This is a hobby : don't explicitly need it for work/academics
- I did explore this fairly well the last summer : one of those things that I hope to master
- want to get deeper this summer: might look into some derivatives trading with C++ given my upcoming internship with Goldman Sachs
- Plus this also helps going high and staying low at the same time : might get into embedded programming sometime soon
- Will learn this after I am fairly competent with Lisp though : going to be intense

Assembly Programming

- gotta get low
- my first post on this blog was about WASM
- will soon explore its interop with C++

One Arm Pushups

- feels like more about building neural strength through auxiliary variations
- next move to dump in the repertoire once done with the double unders 


Entity Type Time
Emacs OUT Thu May 6 21:38:46 IST 2021

Emacs (Evil Mode)

 - Migration was intense : learning has been daemonized for now
   - expecting and experiencing major dividends already
 - going all the way and also learning Elisp


Entity Type Time
Vim IN end Apr 2021
Juggling IN end Apr 2020


- continues to live on with Evil Emacs
- probably not going to tweak my .vimrc with the same vigor again


- can do three balls
- could pick them up sometime again


Entity Type Time
Peeling eggs IN Thu May 6 21:43:03 IST 2021

Peeling eggs

- Now I eat 12 a day , started with 4
- around an average of 8 a day for 2 years : atleast 6000 eggs peeled
- Could make a living out of this I guess  

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