Dissociative Identity Order

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Being a polymath comes with its own set of psychological issues.

Wanting to be one is easy, but that also means that you may not always have the right mindset to be one. You may still be falling prey to the fallacies that haunt the mind of a specialist turning to polymathy.

As of right now, I’m a student of several domains, a fitness fanatic, a wanna-be writer, a narcissistic conversationalist, a diversified reader (an abstractualized1 historian probably), an agitated philosopher, a curious observer and a whole bunch of other stuff that I’m missing out.

These identities can enmesh into each other, destructively interfering within themselves. Hence, I’ve decided to actively assert that when I’m focusing on one task - I’ll try adopting the mindset of that particular identity. Some intellectual organization is important if you wish to pursue polymathy - otherwise, you never really get things done and only hype yourself up with the hackish drug-like pseudo-rewards of simply talking about it and never materializing that will into any consequences of utility.

Now I forget about other identities when I’m participating in one of the domains and I’m enjoying it.

However, though discretization brings to you the boon of sanity, it feels good to be insane by choice and converse like anyone and everyone in one moment to really enjoy the fruits of polymathy.

The dissociative order is your effort that you put into it.
The chaotic consolidation of them all - into one - is your reward.

I, therefore, also reserve a meta-mode that looks down on all of these modes, analyzing them as an when needed, extracting intuition from one domain into the other and joyfully making a mess across their intellectual boundaries.

I hereby diagnose myself with Dissociative Identity Order.

  1. AAIN : check Neologisms 

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