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In a lot of my videos, I talk about:

  • getting my hands dirty in the physical world and not escaping away into the Himalayas to meditate.
  • being able to manage my senses right in the middle of the chaotic world around and being aware of it, while you’re traversing through it.
  • <some other crude metaphor you’d like: three of a thing look good>

It’s been a year since I deleted my original social media accounts and began blogging, only recently adding YouTube and twitter to better index the content.

Today morning, I realized that I have been keeping my distance from the cyber-world when it comes to social media. The initial reasons I collated for this stance were:

  • it’s a waste of time
  • there’s a lot of fake content

These still hold true.
Anyway, I am acting as a cyber-ascetic right now and that is hypocrisy. I have expressed that I consider the physical counterpart of this to be escapism and that is not a fair treatment of that line of thought.

I would perhaps tag that as an indefinite exile - to cultivate your own style of awareness. Note that I say indefinite, not infinite. It definitely can’t be a predetermined finite exile because that inherently implies that you plan on returning. You plan on getting your hands dirty again even before you’ve washed them, observing their morphology when they’re clean, with an unbiased perspective, separating form from potential function.

I now have this new-found respect for ascetics and finally don’t harshly judge their actions. They don’t need to be intellectually liable to reason their actions with me, or anyone for that matter. I can attest to the same due to the experience I have from my indefinite cyber-exile.

Contextualizing the decision I took a year ago, this is the entry picked up from the Macro (my homepage).1

Sun Apr 18 19:40:04 IST 2021

- have quit social media(deleted accounts : facebook and instagram)
    - had already been off the platforms for a couple of months so this isn't cold-turkey
    - this did put a smile on my face : unexpected energy surge immediately after the deletion
    - ofcourse, other more active forms of leisure are being incorporated
- also quit television and all other forms of visual entertainment (2 days in now)
    - this is cold turkey
    - plan to stick to this for a long time but hard rules are good to avoid loopholes and gray areas
        - no visual entertainment for 30 days : that's pretty simple
            - followed by one movie every weekend post that first phase of weaning off
            - only if I feel like it
- life does seem a bit more boring, which is expected and good
- Sleeping patterns are healthier and lucidity levels are rising fairly rapidly
    - more stable dreams and generally more aware of the REM phase without any surplus significant efforts.
- as expected, a lot of time has been freed up 
    - the key, now, is to mindfully slot in productive activities

The Plan

As I previously mentioned, I still think that it is a waste of time and attention if you don’t have a definite purpose when using social media. I have found my purpose of spreading esoteric ideas now and will therefore return on Instagram as rp152k.

I will primarily be using this to engage with other similar content creators and be abstaining from posting anything that does not respect my philosophy of being frank. It’s time to train my abstractual2 pokemon with those out there in the world and strengthen them further.

Some other reasons for this move:

  • Several juniors who really want to get in touch with me will be able to do so conveniently
  • I’d better be able to propagate my ideas
  • I’m not afraid anymore to lose my style of expression : I’ve spent enough time in the cyber-Himalayas to be aware of its philosophical core

Lastly, I know that this is equivalent to:

  • a clean fish trying to sanitize a majorly murky pond.
  • trying to pacify a bull by grabbing it right at its horns
  • <some other crude metaphor you’d like: three of a thing look good>

I am definitely up for the challenge and am excited to see how this line of thought evolves.

  1. note that I used to use vim then; therefore the timestamp is of the format that you get by typing in date on any conventional shell. To insert the text directly from a shell command into a vim buffer: use :r!<the command> 

  2. AAIN 



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