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For the last week, I haven’t been writing or shooting any videos: took a subconscient1 break from any sort of creation and have been consuming a lot of content.

Now, I return with a whole bunch of novel ideas and the will to create - a lot more. Reading was still on track and helped keep me sane.

The last two weeks were mostly a consolidation of what I’d been doing for the long past: I am forward-looking again with all the lessons that I’ve extracted and shall create again with greater vigor and enthusiasm than I previously exhibited.

After the breakup, I’ve realized that although my life was pretty well structured already, being in a relationship does make you complacent and hides the parts where you lack and could use some tending to.

Not to say that relationships aren’t good: I’ve learned a lot which I can’t imagine obtaining without these past two years of sharing a part of myself with someone - it makes you realize what “you” actually are.

Right now, I am back on working towards what I want to work on and am excited for all that remains to be experienced.

Undigressing1, the point of this post is to cater to the interference that the conversational rhetoric pursuit has caused in my writing pursuit. The week before the last one, I only shot videos and did not write at all. That is fine as that felt natural in the moment.

However, I’ve noticed that I still want to write as writing is what helps me express myself the most clearly. Moreover, I am not delivering a lot of value right now in the conversations and if I am to really improve upon my conversational rhetoric, the topic needs a stable backbone to be able to be adopted as the core of a conversation.

Therefore, I’ve decided to write a blog for every video I post. I’ll write beforehand - this is going to be with minimal planning and upon glancing upon what I’ve written, I’ll talk about the topic in the videos. Albeit, still keeping it natural and unscripted.

This should enhance the content of the videos, simultaneously allowing me to maintain my writing pursuits.

Undigressing1 again, convergence refers to my new-found wisdom to start with a pursuit imperfectly, iterate - figuring what works and what doesn’t, and enjoying what it evolves into, keeping the core philosophical principles intact along the way. There is always a subconscient1 meta-convergence that takes care of the nature of those principles, however..

This blog and YouTube should help me in converging upon my style of abstractualizing1 my experiences, the one that I enjoy the most.

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