Giving up music and podcasts for a month

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UPDATES : Mon Jun 7 21:06:17 IST 2021

  • Discontinuing this from 2021-June-07
  • Difficult to go music free in this age: I still can’t control what others do.
    • will try this again when I can command all that surrounds me.
  • still clocked in a solid fortnight though
    • Difficult due to inherent causes as well
    • Boredom peaked, mood rock-bottom’d.
      • Good, but not sustainable
      • Can’t control a lot of factors so output depends on whether your neighbor prefers a silent evening or invites your parents for a karaoke night.
        • Living with my parents during the pandemic
        • Outcome would only worsen on the univsersity campus
          • I myself am guilty of imposing my taste upon others
  • This can be truly experimented with only if the society decides to go with it as a whole.
  • I need a mansion with a forest around it and a cave with lots of bats and a waterfall to meditate under and an old butler, lacking a personal life, to take care of the basics.


Today, I walked without my earphones after a long time. I’m not sure why I choose to listen to music yet.
This is going to be a little tricky as society around me continues to listen what they want to : the most I can do is to opt for ignorance.
Initially, Workouts should suffer and walks will feel empty.
Probably will be pushing my tolerances of boredom.
Now, given my current commitments, I’ll still be watching a movie every weekend for 3 more weekends and that three hour window would be the only time when I choose to listen to something.
Definitely have some expectations, including expecting a lot of unknowns along the way; curious to find out how things turn out in the end.
Will be reading a lot more.
I am not addicted to music , just trying out stuff that I don’t know about : is music really a necessity?
Cavemen definitely persisted without it.
Now learning an instrument is a different deal, so whims pertaining to that are acceptable.
It’ll be interesting to find out how long do people around me take to figure this out. The last time, my parents took around 20 days to figure it out by themeselves and query regarding the same. This should be way tougher.

Marking the date (2021-June-23) for a review.

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