Employing Lucid Dreams to learn faster

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I began exploring the idea of lucid dreaming in the summer of 2019, with my first dream journal entry dating back to June 2019.
I’ve also read a couple of standard books on the same and have invested a valuable amount of time to know and practice the basics last summer.
This summer, I’m planning to go deeper, consolidating and solidifying my learnings by practicing on the physical skills that I frequently pickup. It’s also useful for the mental ones : I’ve been dreaming about a lot of parentheses lately due to the good time I’m having with SICP.
Anyway, sometime between this and last summer, I lost the habit of maintaining the dream journal and actively intending to lucid dream with a target every night. I do chance upon them frequently but they’re mostly wasted upon oddities of the human mind and flying around. Now, I wish to daemonize this once and for all.
Beginning out by revising the basics and reviving the journalling habit followed by setting intellectual and skill-based targets for me to attain when I sleep.
Did accelerate learning the initial jump rope tricks with this (criss-cross and side-swipes) and could use this will trying to string double unders.
On a similar note : will be reading Psycho-Cybernetics and here’s why:

  • when I had my first double under, I was surprised : the mechanical feel was unexpected
  • anticipating the mechanics of that double under would have somehow helped me train my muscles towards responding that way for particular sets of situations.
    • dreams are a very good sandbox for simulating physics, one just has to expect an event for it to come into existence.

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