Chasing Lucidity

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[2021-09-14 Tue 19:30]

I’ve been an intermittent practitioner of lucid dreaming for the major share of the past two years now. Whenever I’m not experiencing them frequently enough, it gets, speaking in unconventional terms, a little boring: I’m still consuming content in the moment and feel as though I’m being entertained. But I know that lucidity exists and is a much richer experience than whatever I’m presently doing. One may argue for the other way around as well (content consumption dictating the former).

Consequently, recently, I’ve been exposing to an arguably unsustainable mindset regarding how I approach this pursuit: I’ve begun chasing lucidity: ready to invest some effort to build a reliable command over my dreams.

Have been experimenting with FILD (also tried WILD and MILD the last year) but it seems to work only under the umbrella of certain activities. Of course, the basics are needed (frequent reality checks and being irrationally skeptical of the world around you).

This is what I’m presently doing followed by what I believe hinders progress

think these work

  • quitting caffeine
    • drastic sleep improvements (anecdotal)
    • longer REM phases noted (quantifiable improvement in FitBit logs)
  • indulging in abstractly heavy concepts
    • new math
    • recently experienced vivid lucidity post an all-nighter for a math test
      • sleep deprivation also played a role but do not encourage to force this
    • new languages
    • new symbolic concepts
      • etymologies
    • finding what kind of patterns should a word fire up in the brain depending upon its roots
    • influenced by the recently finished “The Etymologicon”(Mark Forsyth)
      • good book
    • sheet music
    • speed reading : seeing text and instantly visualizing corresponding representations instead of subvocalizing
      • should not be employed everywhere
  • staying sane : not engaging in futile arguments
    • learning to let go some inconsistencies in others’ ideas
  • The right music: Techno, LoFi, Classical
  • un-curated (don’t know if the word exists) writing
  • superficial indifference is good
    • everything matters someway deep down
  • Reading
    • a lot of non-fiction

believe these dampen efforts

  • Visual Media
    • exceptions being movies that reinforce lucidity
      • Inception, The Matrix Trilogy (Resurrection not out yet)…
  • The wrong music: Lyrical (Loops around)
    • exception being when you loop the same lyrics enough number of times for it to lose any attached connotations
      • should be noise by the end of it
  • Laughing unnecessarily
    • philosophically speaking, nothing is that funny (belly laugh worthy)
    • philosophically speaking, everything is worth a smirk albeit ..
      • should not be practiced when social perception matters
  • Reading
    • a lot of fiction
    • for me
    • that’s escapism

Fairly long session (2021-09-14 Tue 20:22)..
Un-curated writing is the best.

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