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Tue May 25 14:39:49 IST 2021

- My research environment finally seems complete and all parts are coherent with each other thanks to emacs
- the tool chain now includes org-roam, org-roam-bibtex, helm-bibtex, org-ref and org-noter along with Zotero for syncing and managing the database.
  - managing citations, notes and the database itself is seemless.
- reading upon self-supervision oriented contrastive loss employed towards image translation @parkContrastiveLearningUnpaired2020

Fri May 21 19:19:37 IST 2021

- Beginning a new thread relating to domain-adaptation employed to image denoising
- drawing experience from my past work pertaining to the same in the context of
	- Semantic Segmentation
	- Autonomous driving


CVPR 2021 Workshop: AUTONUE 2021

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