Circadian Cascades

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[2021-12-16 Thu 19:38] - 7899

  • last semester was hectic
  • exerted more that usually habituated to
  • all anchoring habits were displaced by compulsive behaviors during the last two weeks
  • the last day, in hopes of finishing off all pending work before I travel: was awake for a stretch of 40 hours with polyphasic sleep with the longest bout being around ~45 mins (total of ~2 hours)
  • haven’t recovered yet (been a week) - recovery entails good sleep, caffeine independence, morning workouts, unsupervised healthy hydration
  • all of that, and more, is out of whack
  • feels like a Circadian Calamity
  • major intentional rehabilitation needed
    • will experience immense circadian inertia and will need an equivalent force of will to normalize it all

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