Caffeine, Crossroads and Choices

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[2021-09-11 Sat 14:36]

  • That heading is my best unintended attempt ever at visual but not a phonetic alliteration
  • post being quarantined upon arrival to my university, I’ve deviated heavily from my routine due to several reasons
  • workouts have been suffering due to sleep deprivation and I don’t intend to hold on to the habit of pseudo “catch-ups” (sleeping is not a temporally linear act : two 4 hour sessions aren’t equivalent to one 8 hour session)
    • that has been amplified due to the fact that I haven’t been consuming my usual pre-workout: (black coffee with ghee) for a while due to reasons best attributed to inconvenience and laziness
    • that led me into thinking that I should buy a pre-workout
    • that led me into thinking that that will fuck up my sleep even more
    • that led me convincing myself to quit caffeine for good this time
      • did it for around ~6 weeks some months ago and sleep improved drastically (especially REM and deep sleep phases (I track my sleep via a FitBit so question the reliability accordingly))
        • frequent lucid dreams and stable energy levels throughout the day with no crashes or jittery surges
  • workouts will temporarily take a hit but should feel healthier and less groggy over a period of one week
  • virtual lectures to the rescue: I can sleep like a baby anytime I please.
  • haven’t thought about how I’m going to bring napping into the picture yet.
    • Have picked up the perfect bookfor a bedtime read, again…..
      • third time’s a charm
      • I need the negative reinforcement I guess

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