Conditioning and Periodization

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Fitness Log 011 [2021-08-14 Sat 20:37]

Have begun damage control for all the performance losses incurred during past two months.

Strength routines are in place and progressive overload is doing its job.

Prehabbing exercises show promise: feel more stable and confident when handling resistance and just moving about my daily routine in general.

Ramping up conditioning routines: A mixture of weighted and speed ropes 20 mins a session, 4 sessions a week seems to be adequate right now. Have also incorporated some high rep hindu squat sessions and observing gradual improvement in knee and ankle well-being: I’m 21 right now so this is more of a prehabbing strategy right now. Slowly incorporating more training styles : should help with keeping workouts fun.

Beginning to periodize in blocks of 2 weeks starting this Monday: will observe effects and log along the way.

In a phase where I need to invest some will for some time to daemonize these routines.

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