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Sat Jul 31 09:55:40 IST 2021

The past month has been very mediocre in terms of being generically healthy and fit. Caught a cold due to seasonal changes that lasted almost 1.5 weeks, costing me all the lost time in the gym resulting in temporary strength and morale losses.

Sucks to be sick …

Intellectual capacities dwindle down to that of a zombie, stamina takes a hit, out of breath easily, muscle control suffers, you are just a sub-optimal being on the whole in all aspects.

I usually approach such situations with a fair amount of aggression and that blinds me towards opportunities to recover efficiently and smartly. However, the same aggression helps me go above and beyond preparing for when I really do recover, I mentally instate a feud against whatever actions/behaviors led to that situation and make sure I don’t fall for it that easily again.

This time:

  • upping the amount of greens I consume
  • incorporating some deliberate breath-work
  • “HYDRATE BITCH”: mentally tattooing this on my forehead
  • increasing work in the max HR zone to up my VO2 max and heat up the body
  • the moment I detect the possibility of a cold in the coming days, go rogue with counter-measures

The bright side

I rarely get sick and as a result don’t sympathize well with people who are sick but such phases do serve as a reminder to be more considerate towards ones not well.

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