A week of retraining

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Fitness Log 009

  • Successfully through a week of retraining.
  • DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) as expected
    • have been experimenting with thermal recovery lately
      • start with 0 degree ice bath, switch it up to hot water and hit the recently exercised muscle groups, switch back to ice bath after a couple of minutes; twice a day.
      • definitely helps : sleeping better.
    • missed full body soreness.
  • was a damage-control oriented week.
    • pressing (overhead and bench) did not suffer a lot, due to regular OAP oriented evening sessions.
    • squats and deadlifts took a hit.
      • regular lunges did help with retaining muscle but couldn’t provide the same stimulus as the above.
  • cardiovascular health maintained due to regular weighted jump rope workouts
  • immediately observable posture improvements and joint health due to reinstating TGUs,SDLs and CaLs.
  • the old 6 days a week but reduced down a couple over overlapping sets for the last 3 days.

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