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Fitness Log 008

Gyms are functional again from today onwards (Mon Jun 7 2021). This allows me get back on my regimen : was missing this.

  • waking up at 04:50 with the same-old vigor again
    • Lucidity practices will be taking a hit:
      • most vivid sessions have been during morning hours
      • albeit, this dream holds higher priority
  • going caffeine-free : acclimitized to the stable throughput
    • used to have huge crashes by 10:00 before
      • really messed up the circadian rythms: noon and midnight felt like the other should have.
  • Due to countermeasures, haven’t experienced considerable muscle loss but still not going to lift at full capacity for 2 weeks.
    • will get used to the neural patterns and use this time to reset the circadian rythms, establishing the routine as before.
    • won’t be testing PRs for some time
  • Re-initiating with a frequency(6 days/week) as it was pre-halt
    • as I already used calisthenics and weighted jump ropes with almost the same frequency

This affects my current experiment of going Music and Podcast-free I would rather have my music loop in my head than what the average gymmer prefers.
The acumen has been elaborated upon in the original post.

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